Tiny Tots of DPS Raj Nagar Extension Celebrate Janmashtami


 DPS RNE organised a special assembly a day before the Janmashtami festival to enlighten students about the divine nature of Lord Krishna and the endless miracles he performed in his 8th avatar on earth to kill the demon Kansa and establish dharma in the world.

The 2nd Standard students narrated various ‘leelas’ of Lord Krishna in a lucid and succinct manner. They shared their views on the significance of Janmashtmi, a day which marks the birth of Lord Krishna, who was also the 8th incarnation of the preserver of the Universe, Lord Vishnu. He appeared on the earth to destroy evil and establish righteousness, and rescue good and virtuous people. The tiny tots displayed various acts in the most adorable outfits, celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna, who enchanted everyone with his playful mischiefs.

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Simultaneously, they narrated the history of Lord Krishna and shared their views on the significance of Janmashtmi. Children showcased group dances on melodious tunes along with a beautiful song for Lord Krishna. Addressing the students, the Principal explained the birth of Lord Krishna and why the festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. Students understood various phases of Lord Krishna’s life quite enthusiastically.

“The students presented a number of programs beautifully and that too with such minimum time for preparations. It is a positive feeling to witness that even today, students feel connected to our culture and religious beliefs along with having a modern mindset and learning technological advancements. Teachers have put equally important efforts in preparing them for the eve,” said Mrs. Pallavi Upadhyaya, Principal, DPS Raj Nagar Extension.

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