Top 4 In-demand Skills for Business Analytics Professionals

Business Analytics

Nowadays, organizations are looking at big data solutions to expand their business. Therefore, they need business analytics professionals to derive insights from large amounts of data. These insights help organizations evaluate their needs to function optimally and areas of improvement, including process improvement, policy changes, or the introduction of new technology.

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To be successful as a business analyst, there are specific skills that you need to thrive in the world of big data. Many institutes provide business analytics courses in India to help professionals learn analytical tools (R, Python, SAS) and full-stack Big Data. 

To start with, here are the best in-demand technological and non-technical skills:

Skills for Business Analytics Professionals

1. Critical Thinking

Professionals in business analytics need to think critically not only about the effects of the data they collect, but also about what data they should collect on the first place. Likewise, the information that can help make decisions are to be evaluated and highlighted at first.

Also, it is the responsibility of business analysts to analyze multiple options before helping others to find a solution. Business analysts must listen to stakeholder’s needs and ask questions until the real need is raised and understood.

2. Good Presentation Skills

Visualization of data and presentation skills go hand in hand. In order to get your viewpoint across and keep the viewers interested, a business analyst should be able to tell a compelling story with correct information.

However, presentation skills don’t always come naturally to everyone, and that’s all right. Even experienced presenters sometimes feel that their nerves are getting the better of them. It is a must for business analysts to have excellent presentation skills to present the data analyzed in a clear and concise format. For people who want to excel as a business analyst should start perfecting their presentation skills until they get into their groove.

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3. Knowledge of Statistical Languages

The most in-demand skill for business analytics professionals is that they should know the statistical language. R, for statistical analysis, and Python, for general programming, are the two most common programming languages in analytics. Knowledge in either language can be useful in analyzing large data sets. Statistical programs such as SPSS, SAS, Sage, Mathematics, and Excel can be used to handle and analyze data in addition to the above languages.

4. In-depth Descriptive Analytics

Descriptive analytics is the analysis of historical data to have a better understanding of shifts in an organization. With the help of graphic analytics skills, a business analytics professional can use a full range of data to give a precise picture of what has transpired in a business.

By using a real-time dashboard to collect and analyze raw data, analytics professionals can obtain a detailed and reliable analysis. Although data mining practice is considered to be the least useful aspect of the value chain for big data, it can still be helpful in detecting behavior patterns that may influence future outcomes.

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Therefore, if you are inclined towards business analysis and want a career that will fare well in the future, then choosing a business analytics courses in India can be a good option for you. Renowned institutes like Jigsaw Academy provide various business analytics, data sciences, machine learning, and AI courses. These courses also provide access to additional resources such as handouts, reference material, guides, lecture transcripts, and student forums.

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