Top Certified Data Analytics Courses to Enrol in for a High-Paying Future


In the current data-driven landscape, where businesses bank on complicated data sets that allow informed decision-making, the demand for skilled data analysts is fast gaining importance. Yearly estimates indicate that over 97,000 data analytics jobs are unfilled in India alone. A massive 45% increase in jobs in the Indian market is a result of data analytics requirements. The gap in the demand and supply of these professionals is constantly increasing because there is a sharp learning curve and a high skill set that is required in the field. In India, the education and training needed for these jobs have started to gain attention and momentum. It is presenting an array of exciting career opportunities. To equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge, we present three industry-leading certified data analytics courses that open doors to well-paid positions and set participants on a path to success.

IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate

The IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate is a flexible online course that prepares those who need experience for entry-level data analyst positions. Developed by IBM, a global technology leader, this comprehensive program provides professional-level training from industry experts, ensuring learners gain the most up-to-date skills and knowledge in the field. The certificate program places a strong emphasis on practical learning, allowing students to work on portfolio-ready projects, master essential data science tools like Python and SQL, Excel, and IBM Cogno analytics, and apply their newfound expertise to real-world scenarios. Upon completion, graduates receive an employer-recognized certificate, making them eligible for sought-after job titles such as Data Scientist, Junior Data Scientist, and Data Architect. This certificate opens doors to in-demand opportunities, showcasing learners’ proficiency to potential employers and equipping them for success in the data-driven landscape.

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IIT Kanpur Advanced Data Analytics Certification

The IIT Kanpur Advanced Data Analytics Certification, offered in collaboration with Edvancer and the E&ICT Academy, is a highly sought-after program that provides participants with a comprehensive skill set in data analytics. Designed for individuals with no technical background, the course covers statistical modeling, data visualization, data analytics, R, Python, Tableau, and SQL. Led by esteemed faculty from IIT Kanpur and professionals from premier companies like TCS, EY, Deloitte, Fractal, and Accenture, the course ensures a 70% focus on practical content, including seven industry projects from diverse domains. Upon completion, participants receive a government-endorsed certificate and 100% placement assistance, positioning them for success in the competitive data analytics job market.

The program’s live online classes or video lectures, along with projects, offer 24×7 lifetime access to course materials, ensuring optimal learning and skill retention. By enrolling in this prestigious certification, students gain hands-on experience and exposure to real-world challenges faced in the industry. With a curriculum designed by IIT Kanpur and Edvancer, ranked 4th in India, participants are guaranteed a government-endorsed certificate, providing a significant edge in the job market. 

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Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

The Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate offers a comprehensive curriculum that enables learners to gain a deep understanding of the practices and processes employed by junior or associate data analysts in their day-to-day roles. The program focuses on developing key analytical skills such as data cleaning, analysis, and visualization, along with proficiency in essential tools like spreadsheets, SQL, R programming, and Tableau. Participants will learn how to effectively clean and organize data for analysis and perform complex calculations using spreadsheets, SQL, and R programming.

Furthermore, the course equips learners with the aptitude to create compelling data visualizations and effectively present data findings through dashboards, presentations, and commonly used visualization platforms. This skill is crucial in conveying insights and aiding decision-making processes. Throughout the program, students receive professional-level training directly from Google, ensuring they learn industry-relevant techniques and best practices.

The certificate earned through this program qualifies individuals for in-demand job titles such as Data Analyst, Junior Data Analyst, and Associate Data Analyst. This qualification opens up a world of exciting career opportunities in the rapidly growing field of data analytics. Aspiring data analysts can confidently step into the job market armed with the expertise and recognition they need to succeed in this data-driven era.

To conclude

The growing digitisation of Indian businesses and the expansion of multinational corporations are driving the growth of data analytics and data science jobs. The need for professionals capable of collecting, analysing, and visualising humongous amounts of information and data continues to grow significantly. With the aforementioned industry-leading programs, individuals can be assured of a  thriving and gratifying future in the ever-changing world of data analytics.

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