Top Edtech companies making students ready for essential skills


In the fast-evolving landscape of education, preparing students for the future has never been more critical. As the demands of the job market and society continue to change, educational technology (EdTech) is playing a pivotal role in equipping students with essential skills that will ensure their success tomorrow.

To address this issue, numerous online learning platforms and programs have emerged to cater to the requirements of Indian graduates and job seekers. These platforms provide distinctive courses and initiatives with a specific focus on nurturing crucial soft skills and closing the disparity between academic education and industry requirements. 

Below are five innovative EdTech companies that are at the forefront of this transformative shift, dedicated to shaping the learners of today into the leaders of tomorrow.

  1. Internshala – Founded in 2010, Internshala is a career-tech platform helping college students to skill themselves and gain practical experience with internship opportunities and training. The platform provides students with access to online training and their first real-world experience through internships, thus preparing them to launch their careers. India’s no.1 internship and training platform offers paid internships in engineering, management, media, law, arts, design, and other streams. In addition to 80+ in-demand skill training in various fields, Internshala Trainings also offers 5 career development courses including Business Communication Skills, Internship & Job Preparation, How to Ace Coding Interviews, Interview Preparation, and Quantitative Aptitude which truly cater to the dynamic demands of the professional world. The platform also offers specialized training under its placement guarantee courses in 8 hot in-demand fields.

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  1. LinkedIn Learning – LinkedIn Learning offers a wide range of courses and tutorials on soft skills like communication, leadership, time management, and emotional intelligence. It also provides badges and certifications that can be showcased on a user’s LinkedIn profile.
  2. Udemy: Udemy is an educational website that allows users to create personalised courses in IT and technology, design, business, marketing, photography, and other fields. Though not all of its courses are entirely free, there are over 5,000 online video courses to assist you to learn everything from Bitcoin trading to using online video and Android development – simply put ‘free’ into the search bar on the main page to access the free online courses for upskilling. 
  3. Udacity: Udacity is a skills-based platform for professionals, offering Nanodegree programs and industry-specific credentials, aimed at making you job-ready. They offer courses in Machine learning, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development, Digital Marketing and Business Analysis among others.

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