Toxic Work Culture


Toxic Work Culture Biologically, growth is being taller or bigger in terms of height and  structure and socially, it is the raise in the career graph. A person starts to build its career graph from the average age of twenty-one and works in the direction to raise the bars from that particular stage.

Growth is the want, desire and need of a person depending upon the future plans in line. Growth is something that has ingredients involved which are- desire, motivation, determination, reason and work place. Without these the growth will freeze or delay and all of the rest comes under a workplace. A person should have to be associated with a workplace and work within it to start growing. Workplace is just a building, where we actually work and try to grow within is the work culture.

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A good work culture plays a major role in the growth of an individual. One of the most important aspects of a good work culture is ‘Work – life balance’ and if any work culture lacks this aspect then it will be categorized as a toxic work culture. A good work culture will never stand in the way of a person’s personal life.

A person is in a toxic work culture if he has no life outside the office because the working hours or maybe the work pressure has killed it. He or she works to maintain the life outside the office and eventually the person gets a wake up call and realizes it that there is no life after office because he or she gets off from office late and the remaining time is consumed in travelling. How does it all makes sense to give away your life to just work and not living for yourself?

This type of toxicity generates frustration and lack of concentration in the mind of the person and hinders him or her to enjoy anything at all at work as well as in life. It’s pretty general to feel frustrated if life has got no balance, if the thing slips away from the hands for which we have been working.

Don’t let toxic work cultures affect you and your growth and know that excessive working hours and too much work pressure comes under the toxic work cultures because they disconnect you from every important aspect that exists in your life outside the office. People are unaware and are not able to understand the environment in which they are working. Don’t let the authorities convince you that this is what you need and deserve. Balance is what you deserve.

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