UIDAI Aadhar Software Hacked, Data Breach

UIDAI, UIDAI Aadhar Software

There is been reports that the UIDAI Aadhar Software is been hacked. There is patch in the software that is detected after a long investigation. Aadhar Software is currently holding biometric and other personal information of over 1 billion Indian Citizen.

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According to an investigation by HuffPost India, the UIDAI Aadhaar software used to enroll new users, and get them into the Aadhaar database, may have been subjected to a hack using a software patch that disabled critical security features. This software patch is reportedly available for as low as Rs2,500 and allows unauthorized people to login as Aadhaar enrolment operators to register anyone and generate Aadhaar numbers, irrespective of the location from where the software is accessed.

Security Risk in UIDAI Aadhar Software

The report said that Aadhaar patch disables the enrolment software’s GPS security feature which is used to identify the location of enrolment centers. Turning off GPS would allow anyone to use the software to enroll users from anywhere in the world.

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The report cites a former Aadhaar enrolment operator to say that other operators were using the patch to privately create Aadhaar entries for a higher fee, between Rs. 100 and Rs. 500. The operator was also cited to say he’d written to UIDAI CEO and others to inform them about the ongoing illegal access. The patch is reportedly still effective, and other out-of-work operators have colluded with sources in authorized Aadhaar centers to “complete the registration process for a fee.”

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