Ujala Cygnus group of hospitals unveils Wellness Package on World Diabetes Day


• In line with the Opening of wellness centers, Ujala Cygnus launches Diabetes Wellness Package across 15 hospitals which focuses on the all-around wellbeing of the patients.

• Focus on treating the patients and working towards their overall well-being them. 

New Delhi, November 15, 2021: In order to create awareness against Diabetes, leading tertiary care provider Ujala Cygnus Group of hospitals has launched a Diabetes Wellness Package across their 15 hospitals as a part of their overall vision of delivering holistic healthcare services. The 40-day comprehensive package includes yoga/meditation sessions, monitoring of daily diet specially designed by dieticians for diabetic patients along with regular monitoring of blood sugar levels and consultations with specialists so that people in small cities can get aware and be watchful against the ‘silent killer’.
Incidentally, unmonitored diabetes dramatically increases the risk of various serious issues including cardiovascular problems like coronary artery disease with chest pain (angina), heart attack, stroke and narrowing of arteries (atherosclerosis), and kidney diseases. Even having too much glucose in the bloodstream for a long period of time can damage the vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood to the organs.

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At Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospital, their focus has always been to provide high-quality healthcare service delivery in small towns of Northern India and fill the gap and the challenges to equitable, accessible, and quality healthcare. Speaking on this, Mr. Probal Ghosal, Chairman, Ujala Cygnus Healthcare Services mentions “We believe wellness is an integral part of overall healthcare delivery system. We have wellness centers in all 16 hospitals where we provide the after-treatment care facility that includes preventive care, procedures, good health awareness programs, meditation, and yoga for free before discharge as a part of our intensive care facilities in all hospitals. Lifestyle diseases have become a major health hazard in the community and it is absolutely critical that awareness programs of all such diseases have to be driven efficiently in a manner that people understand the need and practice learnings from them regularly. We also have a diabetes club where patients engage themselves to know and share their lifestyle practices including food habits etc. along with providing knowledge through our specialized doctors to these people. We also drive various workshops and awareness programs on how to take care of diabetes specifically as patients affected by this disease are growing in the community rapidly. Most of the patients who are affected by kidney disorders and have to go for dialysis are because they weren’t aware that they had diabetes in their early stage of life. We take care of this through our primary care  and do regular checks  in the community through our Sehat foundation”
There has been a dearth of affordable diabetes care packages in the small towns and the patients have been going through severe challenges in getting their diabetes management done.

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“This move will help us improve the availability of secondary and tertiary care to the large population in the small cities, where people are also becoming conscious about their health. Lack of physical activity, unregulated diet, absence of proper investigations and follow-up can vitiate the control of lifestyle disease especially diabetes & blood pressure which can have a detrimental effect on the vital organs of the body. A dedicated diet protocol along with yoga asanas help bring the blood sugar levels under control,” said Dr. Shuchin Bajaj, Founder & Director, Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals.

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