Workshop on the Production Workflow of 3D Animation


Kolkata, 31st March, 2023: The Department of Multimedia Technology of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), WB under the School of Media Science and Entertainment had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Bidhubhushan Maharana, From Webel Animation Academy, Kolkata who conducted a workshop on the production workflow of 3D animation on 31.03.2023. The workshop was an enlightening experience for all the students who attended it.

Mr. Bidhubhushan Maharana is a renowned 3D animator, who has worked on various international projects. His experience in the field of animation spans over two decades, and he has been associated with some of the leading animation studios in the world. The students of MAKAUT, WB were fortunate enough to get insights from such an experienced professional.

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The workshop focused on the production workflow of 3D animation, which is a crucial aspect of the animation industry. Mr. Maharana shared his knowledge on the various stages of 3D animation production, including pre-production, production, and post-production. He also discussed the tools and techniques used in each stage and how to optimize the workflow for better results.

The students were introduced to various software tools that are used in the 3D animation industry. Mr. Maharana demonstrated how to use these tools efficiently to achieve the desired output. He also shared his tips on how to create realistic characters and environments, and how to add special effects to enhance the overall appeal of the animation.

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Overall, the workshop on the production workflow of 3D animation by Mr. Bidhubhushan Maharana was an enriching experience for the students of MAKAUT, WB. It provided them with a glimpse of the industry-standard practices and the tools used in the animation industry. The students left the workshop with a better understanding of 3D animation production, and they were inspired to work harder toward their goals in the field of animation.

In addition to conducting the workshop on the production workflow of 3D animation, Mr. Bidhubhushan Maharana also gave a short interview at Radio MAKAUT with Dr. Debdut Ghoshthakur, the Advisor of the School of Media Science and Entertainment. The interview provided valuable insights into Mr. Maharana’s experience in the animation industry and his views on the future of the industry.

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