World Legal Services Day


Legal Services Day is celebrated annually on 9 November in all provincial authorities. During this time there are various camps and legal services organized in many parts of the country’s capital. People from government and non-governmental organizations participate in activities and camps related to Legal Services Day.

November 9 is designated as Legal Day which was first established by the Supreme Court in 1995 throughout India to provide assistance and support to a vulnerable and vulnerable group of people who may be women, people with disabilities, organized nations, children, organized, victims of human trafficking and victims. of natural disasters

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The purpose of celebrating Legal Services Day is to provide free, professional and legal services to people in vulnerable communities. It also organizes the Lok Adalats to make the functions of the legal system safer and to promote the equality of the people equally. Various authorities travel to the provinces of Nagaland to conduct official aid programs and campaigns related to legal information. A day-long celebration is planned throughout India to raise awareness of free legal aid to all vulnerable citizens of the country. It aims to ensure access to free services for vulnerable people and to make them aware of their rights.

A legal message has been sent by government officials that all people who find citizens in need (who cannot afford legal services), should get free legal services as their legal right. It has also been noted that this service is a free legal aid that is not linked to the charity of the organization. All legal practitioners should know their constitutional duty is the legal right of all legal beneficiaries.

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The importance of planning free services in Nagaland was emphasized by Deputy Commissioner Dimapur, Hushili Sema where people with disabilities in the community will benefit and be assisted in various ways. Various NGOs also played a key role in improving services by attending this program. This practice, regulations and laws were first implemented by the Sikkim state in 1995 which was run by many provinces by organizing services related to removing important issues for women, children and youth.

It was also reported that students and young children should be aware of constitutional rights and related laws. There is also a need to raise awareness about the employment of children and elderly parents by opening social facilities. The national government has been very supportive and cooperative in providing the necessary funding for the implementation of SALSA.

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Legal Services is used for mass celebrities to provide all people with a wide range of services and services for their own benefit and well-being. Legal Services has many branches in many areas where all people living in different areas are used to finding appropriate and simple Services for their own benefit. It is very important that everyone gets what they deserve. Legal Services therefore examines all cases of the People’s Court in order to grant due Rights to the persons entitled to them.

Legal rights are granted to those people who are entitled to any kind of human welfare. It is very important to focus on many tasks in the best way to develop them to make all the goals of achieving them the best way. Legal Services have every right to fight for all people who cannot get their Rights. It helps people in many different ways by focusing on Human Rights.

There are many types of people living in the country who are rich and poor and poor people who do not have access to all the buildings and services to survive. Legal services are needed today in many countries where they are used by all the Poor, and people in need have access to all kinds of services for the benefit of the people. People used to develop many administrative tasks and manage everything in the best way to accomplish all the tasks properly. Legal Services are used to provide a wide range of services in many countries such as India and other countries.

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