World’s First School of Its Kind “ADHYAY” Launched

The path-breaking Sr. secondary school to follow innovative education philosophy


New Delhi: Ritesh Rawal, an innovator, entrepreneur, Founder of Adhyay, world’s first school of its kind presented his breakthrough innovations in the world of education during the launch of Adhyay. Ritesh also introduced his education philosophy “Manifestism”.

There have been many great philosophies and there is so much to learn from each one of them. But, this is It is also true that in last so many years no innovation has happened in the philosophy of educating a child, the children are learning all the subject and working really hard but they don’t know why are they learning it, will they ever be able to use it. If they will have to use it then, which are those jobs, specific industries, areas of life in which each element of learning can be used. Society wants us to look at the philosophies in the current context and change it to have a deeper impact” quoted Ritesh Rawal.

He also launched three key innovations, Spironment: Innovation in learning space and learning environment, “ The Out and Out learning” – Methodology “Limitlessness” – child development

Spironment will have real time infrastructure in which students can physically work inside various industries such as an Air craft manufacturing facility, A car manufacturing facility, a food processing unit, a publishing house, an IT company and many more such real time facilities. “The Out and Out learning” the learning process after imparting knowledge will not stop at the level of practice, it will extend beyond this and learning process will end when students will be able to  create products, services and will learn to generate revenue. “Limitlessness” Limitlessness in a school is about exploring a lot of unexplored possibilities in various aspects  of life .

Mr. Amitabh Kant, CEO NITI Aayog, was also present  during the launch and he shared “We will provide Ritesh our support to see that Ritesh’s vision is spread all over India, he is a very young entrepreneur, he has got very broad shoulders and he has got a very big mind, his mind must be replicated by every Indian and I m quite sure that Ritesh’s school Adhyay will produce the best Indian entrepreneurs, the best Indian start ups, the best sports persons and I wish him all the very best.”

The first campus of Adhyay in India will be established in New Delhi NCR. Ritesh also has planned to open the school in other parts of the country and followed by establishing Adhyay campuses outside India. He opened his philosophy “Manifestism” to the world and he will be happy to provide support to any one who wants to implement “Manifestism”.

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