7 Trends That Will Rule Indian Tech Industry In 2022

Abhinav Gupta, CTO, Innovana Thinklabs Ltd.

2022 is almost here! We may not start traveling in flying cars or living on the Moon in the year ahead. But undoubtedly, we will witness an accelerated rate of digitization and virtualization of businesses and society in 2022. The coming year will bring many exciting advancements and trends that will not only rule the technology industry but also make way for sustainable working and living. As the pace of digital transformation will not slow down whatsoever, here are 7 tech trends that have the maximum potential to dominate the Indian tech industry in the coming year.

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Top Trends That Will Take Over The Technology Industry In 2022 

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Over the past couple of years, devices based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms have gained extreme popularity for all the obvious reasons. Using smartphones, smart TVs, smartwatches, and even smart cars, AI has completely taken over our entire way of working and living to lighten our workloads and ultimately make our life easier. AI is a very broad trend that encompasses ubiquitous chatbots to smart fun games. As India steps up its game on digitalization, it is likely that its critical focus in 2022 will be on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

Digitally Extended Realities

Extended reality (XR) is an immersive technology that can combine the physical and virtual worlds. The existing technologies under Extended Reality which are Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR) are already ruling the tech industry. As all things digital continue to accelerate, these technologies will continue to dominate in the coming year too. In the coming year of 2022, the tech industry will witness more captivating digital experiences.

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Digitization, Virtualization, & Datafication

It will not be a wise thing to assume that the pandemic will not impact our lives in the year 2022. However, now that most of us have accepted the theory of “new normal”, the focus in 2022 will be on thriving in the new world rather than merely surviving in it. The main motive would be to provide real-life experiences such as playing, socializing, studying, or even working with real-life acquaintances in the digital world. The upcoming culture will be of “Metaverse” in which the physical and digital world parallelly work together. 

And, to make this process smooth, a range of new apps and devices are being made or will soon come to the market. Scanner tools will help to convert documents, study notes, or even picture albums into digital form. Online games will make socializing possible in the online world. The main trend that will rule the tech industry is making available every single thing online even if it is spirituality. We all know the importance of spirituality in India. Apps related to Astrology and Psychic reading where the users will be able to connect online with live Astrologers or Tarot readers will also gain popularity in 2022. 

Privacy & Security Over Everything

Cybersecurity was the top trend to watch out for in 2021. Undoubtedly, with everything becoming digital, people need to avoid and mitigate cybersecurity threats in the coming year too. It is expected that in the coming year, the tech industry will witness many new inventions and secure apps that will aid in safeguarding users’ private data. The antivirus and antimalware software will evolve as per the user’s needs and will provide more features than ever before. It is expected to see some revolutionary changes in App lockers and security extensions too. End-to-end encrypted data transfer and file sharing apps working on cutting-edge technologies like QR codes will help users to share their data securely and hence gain popularity amongst the users. The ultimate goal would be to provide users with the best digital experience without compromising their privacy and security. 

Automatic Aerial Vehicles

Unmanned aerial vehicles like drones have completely transformed the face of law enforcement or even security operations. In 2022, we may even see these flying vehicles take over the object transportation industry. 


As we step into the new year, the need for increasing sustainability, data volumes, and network speed will be on the surge. 2022 will be the year when we will be able to use faster, smarter, and more efficient wireless connections using the 5th Generation internet technology. This trend will rule the tech industry because of its exceptional abilities including more connected devices and richer streams of data. 

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Smart Wearables

Now that smart fitness trackers have already exploded not only in India but in the global market, it is expected to witness more such smart wearables which can make the lives of humans easier. 

Digital technologies have risen to prominence and they will continue to have a profound influence on businesses as well as societal well-being in the coming year too. With that in mind, 2022 will be the year when the main focus of the tech industry will be on making technological breakthroughs that will simplify and secure each and everything we do. 

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