A brief on FOUNDATION FOR FUTURE, Gurugram

Foundation For Future

How the noble idea of creating ‘Foundation for Future’ prompted Tushar Mehrotra, a 10th standard student residing in Gurugram

In a country like India where the population is growing rapidly day by day, the growth in education is a mismatch. There are so many children out there working for money in their childhood instead of going to school. Due to severe poverty, we are facing a huge number of primary school dropouts today. In government schools, there is no provision for basic facilities like classrooms, toilets, drinking water, playgrounds, etc. There is even a scarcity of basic amenities like books, blackboards, fans, lights, etc. alongside the shortage of teachers all the time. According to a study, more than 30% of educational funds are granted towards higher education. For this reason, primary education faces a lot of difficulties for improvements.

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Seeing this scenario of education and feeling the need of the children, a small boy took an initiative with a vision of inculcating reading habits amongst underprivileged children. Tushar, a student of class tenth in Pathways School, Gurugram has started this initiative with children of his neighbourhood Government school. One day while Tushar was thinking about his personal project in his own school, he casually walked into this government school next door. He was amazed to see that a bunch of kids with full of energy are struggling in a small cramped classroom without fans and any other basic amenities. The first thing came to his mind is how can these children study in this ambiance? It is so obvious that they do not want to study and want to escape from here every moment.  Tushar at such a young age wanted to change the destiny of these children and thus founded ‘Foundation for Future’.

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Foundation For Future

Through ‘Foundation for Future’ his primary dream is to inspire the underprivileged children for education for a better tomorrow. Getting them acquainted with basics of English through imbibing reading habits amongst them. In order to induct this habit first thing that needs to be fixed in Govt schools is basic infrastructure like access to fans, lights, clean drinking water and so on. Hence vision is to build citizens of tomorrow by giving them access to basics of life and giving them hope by organizing reading sessions.

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We would request your support to work on a possible story on him and his maiden initiatives, so that it can motivate him and provide encouragement to do his best in the coming days towards this.

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