Akhil Shahani

Managing Director, The Shahani Group


Akhil Shahani, Managing Director of the esteemed Shahani Group is a third generation entrepreneur with 25 years of extensive experience across an array of business endeavours. His current ventures span Education, Private Equity and Non Profits.

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Spearheading the Thadomal Shahani Centre For Management (TSCFM) over last 7 years, Akhil has helped TSCFM emerge as one of the most innovative management institutes in India. Under Akhil’s leadership, TSCFM features in the global network of 500 colleges and 75 leading universities.

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Since 2009, he also serves as a Director at the pioneering education sector focused private equity fund, Kaizen Management Advisors Pvt Ltd. In 1999, he also founded Ajax Knowledge Systems, a software company creating Knowledge Management systems where he devised the company’s growth and strategic outlook.

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Starting his career in 1990 at the paperboard and pulp family business, East India Paper Company Akhil held various roles while gathering valuable business exposure and continues to be a Partner till today.

Akhil is a multi-dimensional individual holding diverse portfolios across various forums, organisations and social initiatives. As an experienced angel investor and a member of the Indian Angel Network, Akhil mentors high potential entrepreneurs build scalable businesses that attract investors.

He also promotes Social Entrepreneurship and serves on the board of Unltd India, an incubator that finances and supports driven social entrepreneurs. Besides his professional commitments, he has also been the Past President of the Rotary Club of Bombay Midtown and the American Alumni Association.

While continuing his forefather’s insight, ‘Learn and Let Learn’, Akhil is at the forefront of supporting education through a myriad of initiatives.

He is a trustee at the Shahani Trust, a private family trust that focuses on education, healthcare and low cost housing. He is also the Managing Director of Shahani Academic & Global Empowerment (SAGE) Foundation, a non profit trust involved in charitable activities in education, healthcare, rural development and other pertinent areas.

Shahani family has a deep rooted connection with the education sector. Akhil’s mother, Maya Shahani, chairperson of the Shahani group is a known name in the education sector and has won innumerable accolades for her contribution. His aunt, Dr. Indu Shahani, a well known educationist has been the past Sheriff of Mumbai.

An educationist at heart, Akhil also possesses a perennial quest for learning. He is currently pursuing Doctorate in Education from University of Liverpool. An MBA from the Northwestern University – Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Chicago, he holds an engineering degree in Electronics from the Thadomal Shahani Engineering College.

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A voracious reader, a keen traveller and a music lover with a special affinity with Jazz and world music, Akhil believes in living life to the fullest. As a Cigars and Single Malts connoisseur, he is often invited to address cigar and single malt interest groups.

Akhil’s wife, Nisha is a homemaker and holds a Diploma in Child Psychology from Kendall College. His elder daughter, Simran is pursuing BSc in Politics of the International Economy from Kings College, London and his younger daughter Shagun is studying BA (Psychology) from Jaihind College, Mumbai.

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