Break on Pollution but not on Comfort with Wagon Cab


Looking at the problems prevailing in the cab industry, two pre-eminent minds, Mr. Arpan Aggarwal and Mr. Uttam Bose came up with the idea of Wagon Cab. With the view of making the public transport a smooth and cost-effective experience.

At Wagon Cab, integrate the technology and simplicity onto a mobile platform to improve the access to transportation and make streets safer. With our ‘Rider Centric and Driver Friendly’ approach, Wagon Cab is striving towards success by providing convenience to the riders and empowering the drivers.

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CEO and Co-Founder, Mr Arpan Aggarwal has spoken up about the Delhi Pollution & the problem and effects of this pollution on the environment. “Air Pollution is one of the major threats to the environment and we are working and trying our best to play out our part in reducing the pollution to the very extent that we can because as it has been said – Air pollution is turning Mother Nature in to a Graveyard. ‘’ he said.

Now a day it’s so hard to breath on roads, and day by day the pollution level is going up by the number. Wagon Cab has taken some incentives to control the pollution in Delhi/NRC Region and especially on a pan India basis. Measures like Keeping their vehicle well-tuned and tires inflated properly to reduce exhaust emissions.Combine errands into one trip, cars tend to pollute less when they are warmed up. Avoiding exhaust contains more pollutants than running exhaust.

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A small step has been taken forward to reduce the pollution and take control by Wagon Cab. The plan is to operate in the market by not causing harm to the environment.

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