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After completing education, it’s a huge challenge to choose a career option. Nowadays, besides the stereotypical mainstream, various options are coming up. Now career options are not bound to Engineering or Medical streams only.

Talking about new career options, the fashion industry is not behind. In the fashion segment, makeup plays an important role. Likewise, in the entertainment industry, people are eager to look beautiful in any which way. The entertainment or fashion industry is growing fast, so a career in makeup artistry is competitive and successful in the current scenario. A makeup artist can grow gracefully if he or she gets the proper guidance. Simply put, makeup improves your impression, brings out the inner colour and hides flaws.

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A true makeup artist uses cosmetic skills to beautify the human body. Makeup can make you look beautiful as well as appear like a ghost. The ghosts, the zombies, we see in movies, are all created using Special Effects (SFX) Makeup. SFX Makeup Artistry is a recognised profession in India, and an increasingly sought-after career option, since Beauty Makeup professionals are already present in umpteen numbers.

Special Effects Makeup is also called Prosthetic Makeup. A makeup artist that does SFX Makeup should have a wide perception in general. These artists use their skills to make extraordinary effects on the human body.

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SFX Products & Application

Special Effects Makeup makes use of certain products, called SFX or Prosthetic products, like wax, latex, artex, bald cap, etc. The look of a certain creature or character that requires creation of texture and dimension is what could be achieved by the use of SFX products and could be termed as Special Effects Makeup.

SFX products are very much unlike beauty products and their application requires specific skills, and understanding of the products and ingredients. SFX products are generally made up of wax, latex and silicon of different grades and quality.


There are numerous openings in the Special Effects Makeup industry. Nowadays, SFX Makeup can be extremely impressive and realistic. This profession, not only provides you a specialised career option, but also an opportunity to display your ultimate artistic entrepreneurial spirit. It offers a large scope in theatre, television, film & fashion industry, concept shoots with photographers, themed shows for designers, ramp makeup, and character events like Halloween to name a few.

Skills Required Special Effects Makeup artists should be able to think out-of-the-box. If you can improvise well, you can create your own phenomena. Specific skills required to specialise in SFX Makeup are as follows:

  • Keen real-life observation
  • Immense patience
  • Ingenuity in using the products in various combinations
  • Artistic excellence in replicating a real-life or virtual effect

A prospective SFX Makeup artist must maintain a high-level of professionalism and be able to work in a   high-pressure situation. Excellent knowledge of the beauty industry and keeping up-to-date with the trends are must-have skills for this sector. Another mandatory factor is the acceptance to work flexible hours.

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It is seen that a career in Special Effects (SFX) Makeup Artistry is quite fulfilling for candidates who have an imaginative urge. They interpret the makeup requirements of clients to produce a creative and technically precise visual portrayal.

Nalin Verma

Co-Founder & Director, Euro Chroma Institute of Cosmetology (ECIC), the only institute in India supported by Kryolan Professional Makeup.

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