Consortiums of the differently abled but united individuals must be formed


Author of the article- Mr. Prashant Agarwal, President of Narayan Seva Sansthan. NSS is a  non-profit organization serving differently-abled and underprivileged individuals.

Skill development and the span at which it has been elevated by Governments has surely borne results on empowering, skilling, and giving people a sustainable livelihood. The question of bringing in equity and eradicating poverty amongst those most underprivileged is not by creating more jobs, but by making people self-sufficient, empowering them, and making them independent by honing skills that they already have. Individuals, entrepreneurs, Government, and large enterprises are known to create self-help groups that are funded and offer employment to them, however not many have explored the idea of creating smaller consortiums of individuals who are differently-abled. 

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About a few years ago funding was raised by organizations and the rights for the people who are differently-abled to be an integral part of the mainstream were introduced to bring in equity. Multiple small enterprises have put forth certain models of training and equipping people who are differently-abled to bring them in mainstream society and most importantly make these differently-abled individuals employable. One such example is Youth4Jobs. This is an organization that offers skill-based training to the differently-abled youth from rural areas. With a massive unorganized skilled workforce is still floating in the country, they must be organized to form smaller consortiums of groups that can easily create themselves into self-help groups and can also seek funding from not just organizations within the nation but also from countries abroad. Skill-based training in handicrafts and handmade products also in liberal science should now be taken into consideration for those who are differently-abled. 

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Agriculture and Agri based businesses are thriving today with more and more people adopting a holistic and organic version of the life. With many states having large agricultural lands can adopt a model of skilling differently-abled individuals to learn modern and innovative concepts of farming. This would not just help those who are already owning farms lands, but even those who would like to adopt farming as one of their businesses. Organizations can join hands to help these individuals in harvesting what is mostly accepted by the countries abroad to help them nurture their business. 

Social media and the entertainment industry is huge. Differently-abled individuals can be given an opportunity to explore this industry with organizations training and skilling them to be incorporated in this business. Shows such as Shark Tank India must also have a season which is for the differently-abled who can showcase their innovative ideas and get funded. This platform can serve the purpose of social inclusion too. 

Smaller consortiums which are organized can attract funds for their businesses and help people, especially differently-abled individuals to sustain their businesses.   

Author of the article- Mr. Prashant Agarwal, President of Narayan Seva Sansthan. NSS is a  non-profit organization serving differently-abled and underprivileged individuals.

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