Create Your Own Digital Comics Whether You Can Draw or Not

Create Your Own Digital Comics
Create Your Own Digital Comics

Create Your Own Digital Comics Whether You Can Draw or Not

In this blog, I will discuss about How to create your own Digital Comics. Anybody from preschool to high school can be a comic book creator with these tools that help students make sequential art. You’ll notice that some of these tools are designed specifically with comic creation in mind, while others, many of which are tuned to older kids’ needs, lack comic-specific scaffolding and instruction but can be used to make more professional-level creations. Use these great creation tools to help students learn cartooning and sequencing fundamentals.

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Even if you can’t draw or paint, you can still construct a comic. Some educators have found the medium to be a good way to entice children into creative writing. Thanks to a variety of apps, you can make your digital comics on a smartphone, a tablet, a computer or even a plain old piece of paper. Here’s a guide.

Although you start with stock objects on the screen, you can customize characters and their actions, then add your own dialogue.

If you can’t draw but can take pictures, you can craft comics out of the photos sitting on your smartphone. It’s a great way to turn the family pet into a superhero, relive a vacation or jazz up a presentation. ComicBook for iOS and Comic Strip Pro for Android (both $3) are two of the many apps in this category. Both work the same way: Start by selecting a frame or page layout for your comic.

Tools like Pixton, Halftone, Book Creator for students. Beginners can easily learn from these tools and become a pro in comic designing.

General illustration and drawing apps like Procreate can also make artwork for comics. But for parents worried that their children are staring at too many screens all day, there’s a more analog approach. Just search up a site (like Printable Paper) offering comic-book templates to download and print so young creators can make their worlds with pen and pencil. You can always scan or photograph the artwork later for digital saving and sharing.

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