Day Of The Deaf: विश्व बधिर दिवस: Why celebrated on 26th September


World Deaf Day is celebrated every year on 26 September and it ensures that it tries to create awareness among the people that how the contribute to the society and help in the growth of the country’s economy. In September 1951, the World Federation of the was established in Rome, Italy. It is an international association that started this international day in 1958.It is recognized by the United Nations and works with its units to ensure the human rights of deaf persons in accordance with the UN Charter.

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Grenville Richard Seymour Redmond was born into a well-known family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was suffering from fever at the age of two and a half years, after which he lost his hearing. His family later settled on the east coast of San Jose where he completed his schooling at Barkley School, a school for the deaf.There he learned art, painting and pantomime. His paintings were famous and he graduated as an illustrator from the California School of Design. By 1905, he was known as a landscape painter.

A deaf person is more talented in many ways than an ordinary person and this World Deaf Day is celebrated to give hair to the same thing.

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Purpose Of Deaf Day

The purpose of Day, which is now being celebrated as a week, is that the deaf can inculcate feelings of healthy life, self-respect, dignity etc.One of its objectives is also to draw the attention of the general public and the concerned authority towards the deaf’s ability, achievement etc. In this, the work done by the deaf is appreciated and displayed.

Many organizations such as schools, colleges, and other organizations do the work of raising awareness for deafness among the people. Many events are organized which are related to deaf problems etc.

Communication Problem

Although sign language has been in existence for thousands of years, it is still a challenge to establish communication with ordinary people in this language. Both the study and teaching of this language is necessary so that communication can be established in the culture, problems etc. of the deaf.

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International Deaf Week

First of all we should note that this day is not celebrated to console the deaf but to bring a change in their life.

Being is not a disability or a weakness. People with hearing impairment are more intelligent than those with right ability, the only difference is that their medium of communication is different.

For these, we can organize any kind of new events in our areas as well. Any kind of information that is related to them can be told through social media, many attractive posters can be made or many other things can also be done.

By promoting the knowledge of the deaf, many workshops or meetings can be organized in which the language used by them can be told to the general public as well.

Can make the deaf aware of technology so that their life can be easier and easier than before.

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