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The IT industry undoubtedly attracts investments and acts as a growth engine for Telangana. The state is eyeing Rs. 1.2 lakh crore of IT exports in 2019-20, which is double from the value five years ago. Hyderabad, the capital city of Telangana, alone contributes almost 11 percent of the nationwide IT exports. You can find tech giants as well as a number of startups in the city. Companies like Tech Mahindra, TCS, Amazon, Apple, Google, and CA Technologies have a strong presence in Hyderabad. Recent big-ticket investments have come from Intel, Amazon, OnePlus, SkyWorth, Hitachi Vantara, and Micron.

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Many of these companies have already started their digital journeys. On the other hand, startups are quickly embracing new technologies and are major drivers of turning Artificial Intelligence and Data Science from hype to reality. Evidently, skilled data scientists would be in high demand and professionals will seek data science training courses in Hyderabad to gain the necessary futuristic skills.

Why Data Science Matters?

Companies can make informed decisions and improve revenue if they interpret their business data correctly. Since the data is unstructured, it becomes difficult to analyze it. This is where Data Science helps – it is the process of drawing meaningful insights from complex data by using approaches like machine learning, big data, or statistical analysis. Apart from improving revenue, companies are leveraging data science to provide enhanced customer experience, design best-in-class products, reduce costs, detect frauds, and more.

According to Analytics India Magazine, the analytics industry currently accounts for around 21 percent of the entire IT/ITeS industry in India. The analytics market size in India stood at $3.03 billion and it is expected to double by the year 2025. The highest growth of analytics is seen in sectors like:

  • Banking and Finance – 36 percent
  • Marketing and Advertising – 25 percent

Moreover, there is a 400 percent growth in demand for data science professionals in India. Companies are now investing a significant amount of the budget in their digital initiatives. Bosch, Boeing, AirAsia, Mastercard are some of the renowned names that are seeking data scientists in the country. This is indicative of the fact that Data Science is set to witness tremendous growth in the years to come.

Top Certifications in Data Science

Certifications are the best way one can demonstrate their skills in any domain. Fortunately for data science, there are certifications from different institutes that are recognized across the world, and one can pursue them to benchmark their skills.

Listed below are a few of them.

Cloudera Certified Associate: Data Analyst

This certification is ideal for SQL developers who wish to gain expertise in accessing, manipulating, transforming, and analyzing huge data sets in the Hadoop cluster by using SQL and other familiar languages. One needs to pass the CCA Data Analyst Exam (CCA 159) to achieve the certification.

Open Certified Data Scientist (Open CDS)

Offered by The Open Group, this certification is ideal to validate one’s skills, knowledge, and experience of data scientists. Aspirants who opt for this certification are skilled in effective analysis of data for the overall improvement of the business. There are three levels of this certification:

Level 1: Certified Data Scientist

Level 2: Master Certified Data Scientist

Level 3: Distinguished Certified Data Scientist

SAS Certified Data Scientist

This industry-recognized certification is designed for professionals who are skilled in gaining insights from big data using different SAS tools. It further focuses on one’s ability to make business recommendations with machine learning models and deploying models using the SAS environment.

To achieve this certification, professionals need to earn SAS Certified Big Data Professional and SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional credential.

Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Senior Data Scientist (SDS)

This credential, from the world’s foremost standards and credentialing body for the Data Science Profession, is ideal for experienced data scientists who are looking for more ambitious roles. You can check the complete details regarding the exam by visiting the DASCA website.

Enroll in a Data Science Course

Needless to say, starting a career in data science can be one of your wisest decisions. However, data science is a broad field and covers a range of important concepts. Moreover, gaining expertise in it isn’t a cakewalk. This is where an online data science course can help. By enrolling in a data science training program, one can get the benefit of learning from industry experts and working on industry-oriented projects. It would also allow professionals to learn at their own pace, without taking out a considerable time of their busy schedule. Payscale reports the average annual salary of data scientists in Hyderabad to be Rs. ₹806,044, which is almost equal to the national average. So, with loads of job opportunities for data scientists in Hyderabad, upskill yourself and grab the one that best suits your interests.

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