DJI latest drone can dodge other flying objects

DJI latest drone
DJI latest drone

DJI latest drone can dodge other flying objects

This blog, is about DJI latest drone. The Mavic Air is the middle child. At $799, it fits nicely between the pint-sized Mavic Mini and the more advanced Mavic Pro models. That can be an awkward position, but in DJI’s case, the Mavic Air 2 just announced today looks more like it’s in the sweet spot.

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Despite the relatively low price tag, the Mavic Mini features a lot of the best aspects of DJI’s more expensive (and more capable) drones. It’s basically as small as the 2017 DJI Spark, but the Mavic lineup’s foldable legs make it even more portable. It weighs just 249 grams, which is just one gram under the weight cutoff for FAA registration.

One of the biggest draws comes from its 34-minute flight time on a single battery charge, which makes it the longest in the DJI’s Mavic offerings. DJI credits the new electronic speed controllers as well as a revamped battery design for keeping it aloft for longer, even though the Mavic Air 2 is roughly four ounces heavier than its predecessor.

With any consumer drone, however, the draw is the camera and DJI has added a few very notable features in DJI latest drone. The main camera has a fixed lens—there’s still only one drone in the line with a zoom—and it captures 4K footage at up to 60 fps as well as 48 megapixel still photos. If you don’t need full-resolution, you can also pull down 1080p HD footage at 120 fps or even 240 fps for shooting in slow motion.

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The Mavic Air can also capture photos and videos in high-dynamic range, which should come in handy when shooting in very contrasty situations like shooting into a sunset over the horizon or midday shots on the beach.

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