HTC New VIVE VR Headset for Business


HTC New VIVE VR Headset for Business


In this blog, I am going to talk about HTC New VIVE VR Headset for Business. HTC sees a future in virtual realty that is broader than just involving video games and Hollywood. It is more then that they want to use it in sectors like banking, healthcare, transportation on companies wanting to use the emerging technology for tasks like training forklift drivers to transport cargo in warehouses or designing virtual homes that people can scope out in VR prior to construction. You can also visit my previous blog, Virtual reality in HealthCare and Types of VR.

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HTC’s new Vive Pro 2.0 Kit, which costs $1,399 and includes the new Vive Pro HMD VR headset, two revamped base stations for tracking movements, and two controllers. HTC released the Vive Pro VR headset, which costs $799, earlier in April. Companies will be able to buy the new Vive Pro 2.0 Kit, which costs $200 more than HTC’s previous VR bundle for businesses, as of Monday via HTC and HTC New VIVE VR Headset for Business.

and Vive Pro Eye Office Arena Bundle which offer extended business and warranty services for expedited customer support as well as additional base stations to support larger play spaces.

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In an effort to make it easier for businesses to adopt virtual reality (VR), HTC VIVE has announced a full suite of  solutions in the form of a range of pre-bundled packages.VIVE Pro Eye

While the Vive is competing with the Oculus Rift (and to an extent, the PlayStation VR system) for gaming and entertainment, HTC has shown more interest than either of them in selling its high-end headset to businesses, a sector that’s been using virtual reality since long before the current VR boom. The Vive BE will launch in June for customers in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and France, and it will appear globally in the coming weeks.

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