DSC Throws Light on Communication Dynamics in the Rural Framework

Communication Dynamics in the Rural Framework

The Delhi School of Communication (DSC) is one of the pioneer institutes in India that promotes communication in urban as well as rural landscape. Like previous years, DSC conducted its Annual Rural Communication Exhibition at the college campus framework. As part of the programme, students designed communication material for key social development; from promoting girl child education to hygiene and employment. Students also presented some examples of unique Brand solutions in a rural setting.

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Mr. Udayan Chakravarty, Creative Director of Wieden+Kennedy, was invited as a Special Guest for the occasion. The activity happens every year at The Delhi School of Communication, where the students put their creativity to test, as many innovative ideas and brand stories are unleashed.

Prof. Ramola Kumar, Dean, The Delhi School of Communication observed, “Powerful communication can help create social change in urban areas but more importantly in a rural setting. Our students are encouraged to create communication solutions for issues ranging from girl child education to female feticide and sanitation & hygiene to rural employment. Communicating in a rural framework proves to be both challenging and inspiring for our students, and we hope to build on this project even further in the future!”

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