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Eduauraa is an ed-Tech start-up prominently focused on being the makers of the authentic and required changes in the industry. The educational company offers innovative and dynamic online learning solutions which direct the exchange of learning, skills and knowledge to all in need. With day-to-day advances in e-learning, Eduauraa offers a top-notch quality education that is designed to make its learners stay at the top of the game and have fun learning. Their learning app is incredibly time-saving and offers Collaborative Learning, Added Flexibility, and Coaching at the convenience of the student. 

The current pandemic has upset the entire instruction framework, however, it has gotten some novel progressions in the Ed-tech industry, in India, yet universally. Across the globe, almost 1.2 billion kids were out of their study halls, when the pandemic hit the world. What’s more, this is the motivation behind why “Another Normal” must be set up, with a shift that is to remain. 

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Eduauraa is exceptionally dedicated to offering quality discovery that is effectively open for understudies at very reasonable costs. They have planned an associated, virtual learning stage that conveys exact understanding and continuous learning for students. Instructors of this top edtech organization have an extraordinary experience to tempt the understudies and make learning healthy and drawing in measure.

Eduauraa embraces 4 Vs which represent video, visual, vernacular, and voice. This depends on great video content alongside 2D-3D live sessions, which is accessible in Hindi and English. Furthermore, this edtech startup’s instructive application gives voice help and an actual study hall-like vibe. Understudies are urged to utilize intuitive and collective learning methods with mind-maps, E-books, MCQs, test papers, and past papers through our portable learning stage in this edutech stage. Moreover, they offer EPQ (Eduauraa Proficiency Quotient) which permits the understudies to survey their advance and assess their learning achievements. The Eduauraa Assistant likewise assists the understudies with arranging and timetable their everyday examination design.

So fundamentally, this educational company is an exceptional computerized learning stage planned with a dream to democratize schooling and use the best innovation, to make quality level training accessible in each side of India at a reasonable cost. It has an essential dispersion with Zee5 to bring to the table instruction and diversion, enabling more than 310 million understudies. 

Eduauraa has highlights, for example, an effective group of instructors from India’s top schools who are answerable for the quality check of the substance made, and a group of visualizers who guarantee the item is appealing to the eye of understudies. This edtech business additionally has a simple to utilize UI/UX and in-application highlights more than ever, for example, Eduauraa Proficiency Quotient to investigate an understudy’s advancement, Eduauraa Assistant for simple examination planning, virtual homeroom so friends can concentrate together. 

They are enthusiastic about improving the showing experience for all, Eduauraa conveys far beyond an item in an application, yet additionally enables youngsters to adjust and customize their learning venture.

The application covers Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology for classes 6–10, and has as of late presented classes 11–12 too. Through the application, understudies can plan for cutthroat tests like JEE, NEET. Eduauraa’s instructive substance precisely follows the prospectus for every one of their 9 sheets in both Hindi and English. 

A group of instructors from India’s best 10 schools, topic specialists, visualizers, illustrators, editors, and chiefs help make a connection with the learning experience, so every kid currently gets a level battleground. Their in-house educators get extraordinarily curated test papers with questions going from different decision questions and fill in the spaces too much of the time asked short and long answers, to guarantee the understudy is adequately pre-arranged. Every section has its numerous decision question test papers to empower the student to rehearse and assess their learning results. 

The application has a simple-to-utilized and helpful UI. Eduauraa additionally offers in-application highlights more than ever. Clients can get energized by 2D/3D Videos, Ebooks, Mind Maps, Tests, and Past Papers, extra components incorporate Eduauraa Proficiency Quotient to break down an understudy’s advancement. 

Group Eduauraa targets developing interest, empowering self-reflection inside understudies.

Eduauraa’s Founding Story

Eduauraa was set up with a dream to democratize schooling by utilizing the best innovation, making head quality training to arrive at each edge of India at a moderate cost. 

Eduauraa needs to be a transformer in the edtech business in India. A transformer is an element that can roll out an improvement in any circumstance for a bigger reason, by developing and changing its current structure or nature, that is overwhelming and unfathomable.

The journey of Eduauraa over the years

The plan to democratize training came to 23-year-old Columbia University former student Akanksha Chaturvedi, organizer, and CEO of Eduauraa when she understood that innovation had disturbed each industry and made it more reasonable, open, and helpful for coming future generations.

EE5, one of India’s biggest ConTech brands has reported the startup Eduauraa, ahead of its time and its advanced learning stage. Hence both the organizations have joined in to democratize the schooling process and formative planning years by giving instructive substance, as per the lists and societal standards at a moderate cost. This thus engages more than 310 million understudies. Akanksha quotes, “India can be transformed if superior quality education can reach every child. The challenge was that world-class education was expensive and only the rich could afford it. With a philosophy of empowering children and playing catalysts to equal opportunities, Eduauraa was created to democratize education by using technology, making premier quality education reach every corner of India at an affordable price.”

Improvements over the year

Eduauraa in association with ZEE5 is the best top-notch advanced learning stage that carries reasonable and quality schooling to the whole gang. 

The essential tie-up with ZEE5’s OTT stage guarantees the organization gets the correct circulation and collaborates with admittance to more than 75 million families across India. 

Obliging understudies from standard 6 to 10, Eduauraa has a library of intuitive learning content recordings, E-books, mind maps, and past papers. This substance is accessible in both Hindi and English. Subsequently, language is no obstruction for individuals who are enthusiastic about learning. 

Eduauraa is the best stage for e-learning as it has an educational program of nine sheets under its ambit. CBSE and ICSE as well as state sheets of Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Chhattisgarh additionally discover portrayal in this Edu-tech application. 

When everybody is kept at their home, Eduauraa helps understudies in performing better. The individuals who will show up for their sheets in these predicaments have Eduauraa to rely on. Regarding past question papers, one can design and put together their investigation plan likewise. Understudies can learn at their advantageous speed. The examination materials or video talks can without much of a stretch be downloaded and seen on disconnected mode.

The Significance of Eduauraa and what makes it different

Eduauraa is a significant participant of top edtech companies of India because it proudly displays its focus on the foundations it stands on as a shining edifice.  Eduauraa’s pillars are Honor, Discipline, Respect, Responsibility, Happiness, and Trust. 

The primary medium this edtech company opts to maintain its prominence in the educational business is through a myriad of features that include:

  • Customized syllabus for all prevalent boards in the country like ICSE + CBSE + 7 state boards – which majorly involves states of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu to Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh.
  • Convenient user interface with a built-in navigation system, aided by a voice search feature
  • Content design and significantly matching of Video lectures, audio series with 2D/3D animations, images, gifs, and real-life examples and case studies.
  • Value-added services like maps, diagrammatic representation, graphs, pictorial representation, mind-mapping, revision, MCQ’s, e-books, passed papers, objective & subjective test papers and the mocks too with many others.
  • Eduauraa Proficiency Quotient to analyze a student’s progress
  • Eduauraa Assistant for easy study scheduling

With a way of thinking of engaging youngsters and playing impetuses to rise to promising circumstances The application accommodates the understudies to challenge their capacities by putting assignments and setting a specific date and a period term to finish the said task. Free test papers, mock tests, and question banks are promptly accessible on the application for understudies to allude from. 

This web-based learning stage additionally offers Spoken English classes to upgrade better relational abilities and to be more certain. The youngster can profit from elite schooling from experienced and qualified educators. 

E-learning businesses in India stay costly going from Rs 15,000 to Rs 2 lakh a year. When 85% of India procures underneath Rs 8 lakh a year, it gets hard for many individuals to bear the cost of value training. Eduauraa was established with the plan to consolidate quality instruction with innovation at the correct value point, to re-establish training as a privilege and not an advantage, and to help the public authority’s vision to make India quite possibly the most taught nations on the planet.

The Goal of Eduauraa

Eduauraa has a devoted group of energetic achievers who mean to bring their clients the best items. Eduauraa assists with carrying creative plans to the spotlight and obliterates any opportunity of burden to the group.

As Eduauraa proclaims with utter vigour, they aspire to be change-makers. 

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