EuroSchool student Kushal Khemani spreads the joy of learning amidst Covid-19


Mumbai, October 28, 2020: In order to ensure continued, uninterrupted learning during the pandemic, Kushal Khemani, an 11-year-old grade VI student of EuroSchool Wakad, set up an on-call support system for pre-primary teachers to assist them in their move from the traditional to digital mode of teaching. In a span of just 40 days, Kushal has helped to impart training to more than 60 teachers on ways to use Zoom effectively, and understand MS Office and MS Powerpoint for animated and effective presentations for hundreds of pre-primary students.

Kushal has also been using his digital prowess to organize virtual birthday Zoom parties to cheer his friends and family. Kushal started his own YouTube channel Allspark Infinite in mid-May 2020, to share his learnings with his classmates, as well as to provide free learning to underprivileged children. He has recorded over 40 videos on a variety of topics ranging from elocution tips, ways to end procrastination, how to prepare word documents, etc. Kushal also has a blog where he discusses the latest technologies and different skills to survive the modern world.

At a very young age, Kushal’s thought process resulted in him designing an app for people who cannot speak. He used technology to “give voice to their words”. This noble thought has been appreciated at multiple forums across the globe. His video about a few of his mobile apps is available at

Speaking about Kushal, Ms. Renuka Dutta, Principal of EuroSchool Wakad said, “The pedagogy at EuroSchools has been designed so that students are encouraged to ‘discover their inner strengths’ and bring their ideas to life. There is a beautiful balance of academics & extra-curricular initiatives. The focus is to facilitate innovation by project-based learning, organizing competitions, and building challenges for children to create and build from their imagination. We are extremely proud of Kushal as he uses his digital knowledge to teach other children and teachers, to be tech-savvy.”

Speaking about his mission to empower 10,000 students in the world to become positive thinkers, Kushal said, “Nurturing talent through continuous engagement is the key. I believe in learning and accomplishing more and more each day. The openness in day-to-day discussions, exposure, motivation that EuroSchool has provided made the difference. Today is present. Make the most of it. Dream big, dream to achieve”.

Kushal has also penned a book titled YOU GOT THIS- 11 Secrets to A Progressive Student Life, where he provides motivational tips to students to bring about a change and instill positive thinking among them during these testing times. Kushal is also involved in the Social Entrepreneurship program with GOODCLAP, where he formed SPARKX Animal Welfare to rescue and feed animals on a daily basis.

About EuroSchool International:

EuroSchool is a network of 11 K-12 schools, across 6 cities in India. A division of EuroKids Group, the school operates on the philosophy of ‘Discover Yourself’ wherein the core focus is to encourage children to realize latent talent, ascertain areas of interest, hone individual skills, thereby uncovering varied facets of their personality. The profound realization that the skills that are required to face the challenges we will be up against in the future must be imparted from a young age evolved into the philosophy of ‘Discover Yourself’ which is delivered via the ‘Balanced Schooling’ pedagogy. Their Learn – Reinforce – Practice – Apply methodology, paves the way for the students to do well in academics, with the co-curricular activities helping children to develop their creative, sporting, and musical aspirations.

All EuroSchools are affiliated either to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or the Indian Council of Secondary Education (ICSE) and select EuroSchools also offer the CAIE, Cambridge Assessment International Education (IGCSE).  It is India’s 1st chain of schools to receive the ‘Safe School’ certification from a global audit firm.

Innovation/Achievements: Khushal Khemani

School Name: Euro School Wakad

City: Pune

Student Name: Kushal Khemani

Grade: 6               Age: 11

  1. What type of innovation you have been involved!
  2. At the onset of COVID, Kushal provided on call support to pre-primary teachers who are freshers with International Institute of Teachers Training. He helped 60+ teachers move from offline to online mode of working. Kushal conducted sessions from his learnings and imparted trainings to these teachers on ways of using ZOOM effectively, understanding MS Office and leveraging MS PowerPoint for animated and effective presentations for hundreds of pre-primary kids.
  1. While his friends were deprived of meeting each other, Kushal, during lockdown, has been organizing virtual Birthday ZOOM parties to “cheer” friends and family – video link here.
  1. Kushal’s book on 11 Secrets to Positive Development in Students has been admired by 350+ readers so far. The secrets to his achievements in many fields while being a student himself are summarised in this book. Through his book Kushal has been motivating students to bring in the desired change in the world and instilling positive thinking during these trying times.
  1. During this pandemic, Kushal has created his YouTube channel named ALLSpark Infinite. Kushal’s thought behind this channel is to share his learnings with students of his age group and seed the urge in them to provide free learning to under privileged children.

Through this YouTube channel, Kushal has been imparting free video trainings on Elocution, ways to end procrastination, preparing professional word documents, has been speaking on social causes like water pollution, growing plants on mars and admiring his inspiration – Mr. Elon Musk.

  1. Kushal’s recent addition towards his mission is his blog site at

Through this blog site, Kushal aims to discuss, in tiny capsules, latest technologies, traits, characteristics, habits and skills needed to survive and thrive in the indoor and the new modern world.

  1. Mobile app development:

Kushal, at the age of 9, developed 13 mobile applications and dedicated them to the school. He started his design journey by building legos at the age of 3. He has been constructing mechanics models since he was 5 years old. He demoed his mobile apps at various opportunities at the school and went forward to teaching his friends and classmates the methodology of mobile application development. His video about few of his mobile apps is available at

At a very young age, his thought process resulted in him designing an app for people who cannot speak. He used technology to “give voice to their words”. This noble though has been appreciated at multiple forums across the globe.

Important Announcement – EasyShiksha has now started Online Internship Program “Ab India Sikhega Ghar Se” during this lockdown.

  1. As part of the Social Entrepreneurship program with GOODCLAP, Kushal has formed SPARKX Animal Welfare to rescue and feed animals this month in September 2020. He has rescued few animals and arranged resources to feed many on a daily basis.
  1. What was the idea behind the innovation?

Kushal Khemani was born in Mumbai in 2009 and has travelled the world and lived in many countries and cultures. He is a disciplined kid by virtue of being the youngest black belt in Teak-won-do in Pune, Maharashtra at the age of 6. An Avid reader, creative cartoonist, Efficient App developer, Website designer, robotics enthusiast, Sketch artist, Rubik’s cube expert, swimmer, golfer, Guitarist… and much more. He has won many trophies, medals and certificates in academics and Robotics. He is a car designer in the making. Kushal gets inspired by people and nature around him and creates fabulous artefacts. Kushal believes in learning and accomplishing more and more each day. In his own words – “Today is a present.  Make the most of it. Dream big. Dream to achieve.”

The idea behind his innovations is to keep learning every day and share his knowledge for free through the platforms he has built. He wants to spread positivity to his generation and set an example. His book shares the life skills that students his age should be aware of. It helps in solving day to day problems that his age group faces, addresses them and helps them to focus on what they want to be in life. His channel spreads knowledge like machine learning, artificial intelligence, Elocution, Microsoft, etc. His blog emphasizes on positive mental attitude.  His mobile apps highlight the immense opportunity technology is providing us.

  1. How did the school help in this innovation?

Nurturing talent through continuous encouragement is the key!

At the age of 9 and as a 4th grader, Kushal dedicated the mobile applications that he had developed to the school. The school motivated him to share his learnings and app development skills with his classmates. Again, Kushal has dedicated his first book to his school Principal and teachers. The openness in day to day discussions, the exposure, and the motivation that Kushal has received from the school in the last 6 years has made the difference in his attitude that is beyond words. The positive happy culture at the school has instilled in him a “to do” attitude for life.

  1. Any past achievements?
  2. Kushal achieved Black Belt in taek-won-do at the age of 6. He has won 7 trophies in various tournaments in India and abroad.
  3. Kushal developed interest in robotics at an early age. Made object detector, window cleaning robot and many more. He was the youngest to participate and run his line follower robot at College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) in 2019.
  4. He has also learnt 3D printing and has already designed and printed his first concept car.
  5. He has received 9 medals in the last 5 years, in Olympiad exams conducted by SOF and LogiQids conducted by IIT Mumbai, along with receiving national and international ranks
  1. What do you want to do in future?

Kushal is a car designer in the making and his learnings are energized/channelized towards the same. Kushal’s mission has been to empower 100,000 students in the world to become positive+happy thinkers+learners so that they can REALISE THEIR DREAM. In Kushal’s words – “Today is a present.  Make the most of it. Dream big. Dream to achieve.”

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