Football with Education: Everton FC teaching Troubled Children

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Everton FC, one of the top Premier League Club is running a program for children having troubles in their life. By running this free school for trouble children Everton FC has become first club to run a school.

This program is taking the students who are not able to be in main stream education system. The Victoria Derbyshire have exclusive access to the school.

A boy who had one really bad past and childhood. Many student make friends in school but due to being affected by autism, he had problem in communicating with other people or make good concept. This lead bullies to him.

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With that he also has Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) and he have also seen so much of domestic violence. All these things made him suicidal and affected the time of his schools. Now as he was coming to another stage of life called ‘Teen’, the doors of further education were becoming difficult to open.

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“It was very anxious for me as a parent, to know you had to be at work all day and your son was somewhere he hated being” Laura, Liam’s Mother. She always thought of him that is someone going to hit him? Or is he going to be in trouble, are they waiting for him after school. But one wise man said, “Dawn always comes after the dark.”

One day she heard about Everton Free School. This brought that single ray of light in Liam. He is lifelong fan of Everton FC and now he is going to study by their help. An opportunity worth grabbing.

This Everton Free School teaches English, Math and Science as core GCSE to approximately 120 students. They are also preparing them for future jobs by introducing them to practical subjects.

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But main problem here is not the education it is their own demons, they need special attention for their problems like behavioral problem, Mental illness, Problem that have roots at home, Drugs and Crime.

So is this school normal? Yes everything is same as a normal mainstream school except the fees. Everton School charges £14,500 ($15,502.68) that is simply three times of the normal school fees. So don’t misunderstand that ‘Free’ in name with ‘FREE’.

“We are engaging them. That should be beneficial for Everybody.” words from Executive Principal Richard Cronin.

But yes not only the fees make it different from other the guests who visits the school also makes it special. It is one of positive thing here that you can meet footballers from Everton Club and England’s National Football Team.

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Phil Jagielka, England and Everton Defender, said, “A few of them want to give you a little bit of banter – there are a couple of Liverpool fans in here and all sorts, so they refuse to write the word blue down for instance.

“I’ve been here for a long time now and I’ve met some fantastic characters, some great people.

“If you give these kids a chance to open up and talk, more often than not, you know you’ve had a great day. These are going to be young men and women in a couple of years and if we can give them a decent foothold then that’s what’s important.”

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