Hadoro OnePlus 6 Carbon Limited Edition Price, Specification

Hadoro OnePlus 6

After the launch of Apple’s 3 New iPhone in which iPhone XS Max cost up to Rs. 1,44,000 roughly, OnePlus has launched limited edition on OnePlus 6. This version is called Hadoro OnePlus 6 Carbon. It is a premium version of this series and that cost way more than the standard edition. Hadoro is a custom designing company from Paris. They have also designed other phones like Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ and New iPhone X.

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As listed on the Hadoro Paris website, OnePlus 6 Carbon comes with Damascus Steel styling over and above the stell-specked look frame. The phone’s back is designed from Aero carbon, made by Hadoro, which features 36 layers of carbon fiber which has layers of aircraft-grade aluminium interwoven into it. Also, OnePlus 6 Carbon comes with a glowing back panel, with the ‘OnePlus’ logo crafted from sapphire glass. The phone’s buttons are designed from black anodised aluminium. Users can also choose to have their name, initials, or other personal details engraved onto the phone’s back.

An exclusively crafted piece, this case features an innovative in-house developed type of carbon fiber – made of 36 layers of carbon fiber and layers of aircraft aluminum. Specially manufactured by Hadoro, this material showcases unmatched strength and beauty in its own distinct design.

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A visible wave-like pattern adorns the back panel, and the frame has a steel-specked look. A glowing OnePlus logo made of sapphire glass completes its cool, modern aesthetic.”

The price of standard OnePlus is 475 Euro but now this premium version of this model cost up to 2700 Euro that is Rs. 2,27,000 approx.

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