How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Impact our lives in the Future?

Artificial Intelligence

Everything we like what we created and made as a product of intelligence , Merging our Human intelligence with Artificial intelligence will have the powerful potential of helping the Human civilization to enhance like never before, Until and unless we manage to make the technology beneficial“.

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Artificial inteliigence is growing rapidly recent times from “siri” to Self Driving Cars, Machines are programmed in such a way to think like Humans and copy their actions.Problem solving skills and ability to take a decision to achieve the specific goals make them successful in achieving the Ai.

Artificial intelligence(AI) –Future of Life

Where humans get the tougher situations There AI plays a key role”.

Yes, It was already proven that the Artificial intelligence was firstly founded in 1956 but at that time there were several disappointments of lack of funding and other situations but later on years passing AI was rapidly developed like a overcoming tsunami.As machines are increasing day by dat the rapidly developing machines needed the support of Ai for the automation and these machines behaving exactly like human beings an mimic the actions take by actions and developing own body language think in a innovative way to solve the problems.

When we talk about this technology we start thinking about Androhumanoid robots as we can lively experience in the japan where we can see robots are given a task to clean the house or serve the food in the hotels in order to practically use these powerful machines we make them soldiers in high danger missions or to send them in to face to experience the new things sended back by them to us.

At first we discuss about the traditional problems that are encountered by us to make the robots detect the objects and identify the things, Research on AI is prolonged from a long time after uch hardwork and visionary ideas we completely buily a robot.

Sophia , the man made humanoid living life thing which create a mark of excellence of out thoughts and characteristics our ideal thinking to develop in this fast forwarding world, this makes difference in the thinking capability of Humans to reach th peak level of success.

Reasoning, Knowlege, Representation, Planning , Learning these are the main problems encountered before we create this priceful thing, these all problems have been faced with most effort to make the successive be walk, Dance, Copy Moments, Action oriented in specific type, Detecting and Recognising the things.

The Matter we Created and Purpose Of Artificial Intelligance (AI) was to get Quality of Human Experience

  1. The Robots main objective is to purpose fully realize what the preferences of human being.

  2. The machine that was given preferences dosen’t know what are those tasks and in order to why we have to that task.

  3. Human behaviour is the only main source that these machines can do work in a ordered manner.

Artificial intelligence includes the inventing the new voice assistant siri , Alexa which acts as search assistant and advisory for searching the movie , Setting the wake up alarm, Planning the scheduled dates, Entertainment things, including all type of task the assistant can be performed by the usage of AI.


Windows had developed cortana in order to give the life to those who can make a day creative and make everything innovative look ne to the owner, we can just ask cortana to “sing a song”. “can you tell me a joke”. Even google voice assistant can me know to tell the Weather information and make the information Easy to pass.

AI Banner

We can make the phone call and commands easier to make the task done in a simply way with less effort, In the same way new discoveries are in the ahead to make the future a brightful way of living and make humans experience their core of AI.

Military purpose these AI machines are used more and playful games are created by the AI, In order to make them more worthful we use them as serving bots in the houses and they will also used for taking orders and making them more efficiently take actions in intelligent way.

This is a playful robot as we can see the cups in the floor and it can place and replace the things in given order way

Detecting the Objects and replacing them in the ordered area is the things that can be done by this robots , and in a more playful way these can be more used in living room as toys for children.

This versatile machines a small part of AI also there lot more of things we can discuss in AI like motion detection and motion capturing while the video is running , AI face detection also we can say it as a detecting of bombs and other nuclei weapons by using the AI scanner, Detecting tha facial expressions by using iris scanner.

IRIS scanner

Similar way we can also detect facial expressions by the scanning which is done by the face detecting system, Also the fingerprint matching and finger print scanner these are akso make a key role in the safety part of owner’s gadjets.

Fingerprint sensor changed the entire era of locking system and make new way to secure things in a rightful manner so that the technology feels never bore thus all the above mentioned all the things part of Ai.

I can conclude by saying that the use Artificial Intelligence will be a lot more in future. In fact, future generation will be more powerful as humans keep developing. So, to be a part of this industry and make a career in the field of Artificial Intelligence, you must register for one of the best Artificial Intelligence course wherein you will learn the key concepts of AI and become proficient in this technology.

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