How Augmented Reality is revolutionizing education- Ms. Kiran Dham , C.E.O Globus Infocom ltd


The world has arrived at the pinnacle of the Information Age, termed the Digital Era. In this context, technology is advancing so quickly that it has completely transformed the education system. Among various newfangled technology recently AI & Augmented Reality (AR) are the one that has recently swept the globe and is poised to continue doing so in the future. Several education technologies companies in India have developed innovative digital learning solutions like Digital Board, Interactive Displays, Digital Language Labs, Virtual Classrooms & Learning Management Systems, etc. which have already initiated the process of digital transformation in education.

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Augmented reality is becoming increasingly crucial under the paradigm. Technology like AR allows people to add digital content to printed materials, objects, and physical locations, such as a website link, animation, or 3D model. Thus, it is safe to say that the AR experience is thriving as a significant trend and benefiting various sectors, with education being no different. Some of the important aspects of AR are:

AR in the Classroom

Traditional education has changed dramatically as a result of technological developments. This is where education should not only entail watching and listening but also creating and interacting. In order to solve this, augmented reality emerged at the fore by providing a substantial digital layer to education in a world where teaching and learning in 3D are no longer sufficient. Although AR is still in its early stages, forward-thinking educators and edtech brands are experimenting with it in the classroom.

Improved Student Engagement

In today’s modern era, due to advancement, the integration of technology in the classroom has become more popular than ever before because of its creative way of learning. One of the most significant benefits of these digital learning solutions in education is increased student engagement enhancing their attention span. Rather than simply presenting facts, virtual reality education software gamifies technology to improve the learning experience. It helps students understand the knowledge by visualizing it and can motivate them to interact with the issue.

Textbooks are evolving into Flexbooks

While textbooks are already being digitalized, a new era of books is on the horizon. In the present age, students are active in creating and constructing their own learning resources. This is where AR has changed the way of immersive experience by replacing heavily expensive books with inexpensive, easily updated, interactive digital flex books. Additionally, state-of-art digital content is variedly available for learners to explore, learn and ensure better learning outcomes. The implementation of digital content in classrooms should be in a responsible manner to maximize output. Integrated with learning solutions like digital boards, interactive displays, and many more, digital content is ensuring easy accessibility for teachers and learners to take classroom sessions ahead of its level.

Interactive Learning for Students and Teachers

Augmented reality has unraveled hitherto unexplored educational territory. Students and teachers are leveraging AR to widen the world, dive more profoundly, and engage students in new and exciting ways. Students can create mind-blowing learning experiences and endless learning opportunities by connecting augmented reality apps to content. And if we talk about teachers, they can use AR to develop new teaching strategies and interactive exercises to increase student engagement.

Online Courses with Certification

The emergence of E-learning Platform

The use of AR in the education sector is expected to grow significantly in India, driven by the increasing adoption of e-learning platforms. A virtual classroom and Learning Management System is an emerging & most effective e-learning platform empowering teachers & learners to ensure better learning outcomes.

Leading EdTech brands in India are in the continuous process of development in adopting AI, AR, and other innovative educational kits that are helping children to build models and learn about various topics in a fun and interactive way. Moreover, it is enabling students to interact with virtual objects and gain hands-on experience in various subjects.

Augmented Reality: The New Reality of the Education Sector

Augmented reality is increasingly transforming the education sector. According to IBEF, the market for augmented reality in education is expected to grow quite impressively in the near future. In fact, the emergence of technology is giving students a more immersive and interesting learning experience, allowing educators and learners to develop unique teaching-learning approaches. As augmented reality technology advances, it can potentially revolutionize education in the country. Thus, it is safe to say that AR is altering the education sector in terms of how we learn, making it more enjoyable and rewarding.

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