How Live Streaming Platforms can become a Catalyst in Transforming Education

Live Streaming

The first decade of the 21st century brought enormous changes with it in multiple ways across different verticals of our economy and society. The major revolution of 21st century has been the revolution in technology. Live Streaming The new age technologies have been surfaced as disruptors and these technologies are disrupting almost all the sectors be it finance, marketing or education.

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In the future, students will feel less inclined to spend 4 years in high school learning the basics, plus another 4 years in college, especially when the first two years are simply covering the basics yet again. Today, a thirteen-year-old with an email address and access to the internet can sign up at Khan Academy and complete courses of study in a variety of academic disciplines, all for free. – Ethan Dunwill 

The milieu of education is transforming very rapidly. In today’s date, a huge contributory role can be said to have been played by the live video streaming platforms like Bigo live and video classrooms. These platforms are completely altering the landscape of education in a variety of ways:

1. Making Education Spread Far Flung:

One of the major fallbacks of the Indian education system is the lack of ample resources in the far-flung areas of the country. However, with the help of the live video streaming platforms, education can be taken to distant lands without actually establishing schools.

2. Altering the Teaching Methodology:

Most of us have had a traditional method of education where we used to learn while sitting in a confined classroom and listening to a lecture being delivered by a teacher in front of us without knowing its practicality or application. Some of the schools are not even equipped with teachers who are well versed with the curriculum. Thanks to the live video streaming platforms that students can now gain knowledge by watching the subject experts solving the problems real time or explaining the practical side of the subject.

3. Enhances Interactivity:

A crucial element that live video streaming platforms would add to education is- interactivity as they promote interaction inside and outside classrooms. On live streaming videos, teachers and students can have instant and real time interactions while the lectures are being delivered and there is no constraint to geographical location either.

4. Reduction in Cost:

We are very close to that future where the landscape of education is going to be altered in a way that its cost will also be reduced. The students might opt to study at home by subscribing to the live video streaming platforms. Though there will be a certain fee if students chose to study on these platforms, however, lesser than what they pay in their schools. There are multiple factors like transportation cost will also be reduced. All and all, as the education cost will reduce, more parents will be encouraged to push their kids to pursue education which will ultimately spike up the literacy level.

5. Diversity and equality:

Live video streaming platforms will also add diversity to curriculums as well as to the virtual classrooms. Since it is going to be a virtual classroom, anyone from anywhere could join the classroom. While this will propagate racial equality, it will also eradicate the rural-urban divide that exist in our education system. Students from rural areas can learn new things from their peers residing in urban areas.

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Education through Live streaming is spreading fast and has already marked its presence not only in tier 2 & 3 cities but also spreading its roots across the world. Commenting on the same, Mr. Ritesh Rawal an Innovator and Entrepreneur said, “India is at the forefront of receiving an exciting bunch of tech opportunities ready to disrupt the status quo and provide innovative solution for transforming education. Free live streaming education content on live streaming platforms is an industry first in India. Imparting education through these platforms is a two way process.

Mr. Rawal believes “growing an ecosystem and bridging the gap between the people coming from varied backgrounds by paving opportunities in the field of education or entertainment empowering them to lead happy lives.” 

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