How to Choose Better PG Accommodation in Covid-19

PG Accommodation

Covid-19 cases are spiking in the cities at a rapid rate, which is leaving us scared for our respective healths. Yet, you can’t ignore the fact that admission season is here yet again and people are planning to move out of their houses in order to pursue their higher studies. Now, Hyderabad is home to many educational institutes, and finding a PG in Hyderabad that is safe and secure has become one of the major concerns of the parents these days. PG Accommodation The health of their kids is of utmost importance to them, they won’t bag down on the same and want the best for them.

In such cases, people are advised to opt for managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living. Where they assure you to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and practice the guidelines suggested by the health ministry.

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Let’s look at some of the points that are to be taken care of while selecting a PG in Hyderabad amid Covid-19 breakout.

Sanitation Should be a Priority

PG Accommodation Sanitation and cleaning of PG Accommodation settlement/lodgings on a regular basis would be the required obligation to be provided by the house owner. You should be well aware of the maintenance of your room and house. sanitization is important and is the key measure to be followed. Make sure the house you are selecting is getting sanitized with the sanitizer or surface disinfectant at least twice a day. Make sure, you are being provided with sanitary services by the landowner’s end.

Know your Area

Hyderabad is a big city, and the area you are residing in is just a small place in the city. When you want to know about the current status of COVID-19 or what is the situation around. You can use the app Arogya Setu, to know about the active cases near your area. It has been made mandatory from the government’s end, to use this app! As you are putting up away from your family, and you are living on your own. It is even more essential for you to take care of yourself by being well informed. Also, make sure your roomie/housemates also have this app installed. It will further help you people, to be acknowledged about the happenings near your area as well as get to know about some important measures to be taken.

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Practice Social Distancing

Overcrowding of rooms is strictly to be disallowed as this will burden you as well as make perfect conditions for the infection to spread. Make sure your landlord doesn’t accommodate more than two people in the same room. A living space (barring kitchen, restroom) of 110 sq ft will not have multiple tenants (according to Public Health Standards). Also, make sure you and your roommate maintain social distancing too. Wear masks and gloves to further restrict physical contact.

Follow up with CDC’s Guidelines

This incorporates washing your hands for 20 seconds with soapy warm water when taking care of food, in the wake of utilizing the restroom, and subsequently contacting open surfaces like door handles and counters. You should likewise maintain a schedule for profound cleaning surfaces used every now and then in your home, particularly in the kitchen, restroom, and shared spaces.

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These are some of the points that are to be considered before moving in as a paying guest in Hyderabad. Also, for best managed accommodations visit Stanza Living. All your concerns are taken care of by them and they assure you to provide you with your best fit.

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