How to cover IAS syllabus topics in UPSC exam? [2020 Guide]

IAS syllabus

The IAS Examination conducted by the UPSC Board is the most elite competitive exams of the country. A vast number of promising youngsters sit for the IAS Exam every year. However, only a few deserving candidates crack the hurdles and finally get posted as IAS officers.

The main reason why many students with ample potential fail to crack the IAS syllabus is due to following the wrong way to cover the syllabus. The IAS syllabus is vast, and the applicants are expected to keep both factual and analytical knowledge on multiple subjects. Here are some ways how you can cover the IAS syllabus topics proficiently to enhance the chances to crack the UPSC IAS Examination.

Access the Latest Syllabus of IAS (UPSC) Exam

The primary thing a candidate must do is to download the latest syllabus of the UPSC IAS Examination. There are several sites where you might find the details of the syllabus. The PDF format of the syllabus might be available on the official website of UPSC. Always crosscheck the syllabus from at least 3 top ranking websites. Download the syllabus and give a thorough read-up. You must minutely read the full syllabus to understand the chapters and concepts to cover.

It is a common trend among the majority of candidates to reluctantly see the syllabus. They eventually lose their study track and keep covering unnecessary things.

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Divide the IAS (UPSC) Syllabus into Small Chunks

The best way to minimise the burden of a massive syllabus of the IAS Examination is to break it into smaller chunks. Divide the subjects according to the curriculum of the Prelims and Mains. This way, you can easily negotiate the time that you can give to each subject. Moreover, this can help you to set a short-term goal to finish a specific part of the syllabus accurately.

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Buy the Necessary Books for UPSC Exam

There are many books in the market that can be helpful for the UPSC IAS candidates. All students can cover the majority of the IAS syllabus in the school level NCERT books. These books are published from the National Council for Educational Research and Training and play a pivotal role in the CBSE curriculum.

Apart from the NCERT books, you can refer to the advanced level books for the GK and aptitude improvement. Always study subjects like History, Geography, English and Science. You can give some extra time to practice written English syllabus. Refer to some outstanding essay books available in the market.

Start Covering the Syllabus for IAS Exam

After you have collected all the study materials, gradually start reading them. It is always better to start from the basics. The NCERT books can always help you cover the basics of the subjects mentioned above.

Most of the successful IAS candidates preferably suggest you cover the whole syllabus subject wise. It is best if you cover a chapter at least three times during the entire session of the preparation. Always avoid memorising things. Whenever you include the IAS syllabus, read all the chapters and concepts like a novel. It helps you to be analytical with your studies.

Make sure you note down everything you have understood from a particular chapter. In certain cases of doubt, you can maintain a different booklet. Consulting a professional teacher who guides the UPSC aspirants can be the best measure you can take. Otherwise, you can refer to the online guidance provided by the experts on Youtube. Make sure all your doubts for all subjects are clear before the second read up.

When you cover all the chapters of different subjects for the second time, it should be precise. Avoid studying in-depth all the time as it might lead you to develop anxiety regarding the syllabus. The IAS Prelims Examination might be held during the time when you go through everything for the second time.

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After you give the IAS Prelim Examination, you must start giving the final read to the total syllabus of the UPSC. Keep in mind that the number of subjective questions will be more in the IAS Main Exam. So, have some time to practise writing.

Solve Question Papers and Mock Test Modules

The IAS Prelims and Main question papers are available on the internet. You can regularly solve a question paper or a module to enhance time management skills. This is a necessary measure as it ensures your ability to attempt all the questions in the examination.

So, these are some of the leading steps that you must follow while completing the syllabus of the IAS examination. To gain access to more information related to current affairs, international and national affairs, you can follow the mass media like newspapers, radio and television. Try not to continue with only studies for the whole day. You should always keep some time for leisure. Furthermore, take adequate rest and sleep during the total period of preparation.

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