CBSE Class 12th Maths Paper: How to Score 100 Marks?


How to score 100 marks in math CBSE Board Class 12: Practise, Practise, and Practise! That’s what education experts think is the only way to score 100 marks in Math CBSE board class 12. Speed and accuracy are two factors that can be developed by practising questions over and over. When it comes to best study resources, NCERT class 12 mathematics textbook and reference books by famous authors such as RS Aggarwal and RD Sharma have remained a popular choice among the students.

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How to Score 100 Marks in CBSE Class 12th Maths Paper?

In spite of taking expensive coaching classes and buying online study material, students fail to achieve their goal of scoring full marks. You may not have to suffer the same fate if you follow the study plan mentioned here.

Best Study Material to Score 100 Marks in Class 12 Maths

Whether it is a state board, competitive or a scholarship exam, right study material can lead you to instant success. An NCERT textbook solutions is a stepping stone to achieve high marks in the subject of mathematics. Check out the study resources that have remained a cornerstone of CBSE class 12 Maths preparation.

Best book to improve basics

NCERT Class 12 Maths Book

Best reference books for class 12 Maths preparation

RD Sharma or RS Aggarwal

Best online resource to view NCERT class 12 Maths solutions

Gradeup School

Most important chapters

Relations & Functions, Matrices, Application of Derivatives, Integrals, Differential Equations, Vector Algebra, 3D Geometry

Must-have stationery items

Rough registers, ballpoint pens

Preparation Tips to Score 100 Marks in Class 12 Maths Exam

If you own the right study material and know how to manage your time well, there is no reason why you won’t score 100/100 marks in class 12 Maths exam. Refer to the preparations tips below that will surely help you achieve your desired goal.

Tip #1: Make a separate register for formulae and theorems

Solving a mathematical problem is like placing the right piece to complete the puzzle. While solving a question, the right piece is the correct formula that will help you get an accurate answer, provided that your calculation should be strong. It will be become much simpler to memorize formulae and theorems if you jot them down in a separate notebook. Besides, you can take a quick look at the notebook while practising questions.

Tip #2: Do not leave even a single example unsolved

It is said that the subject of Mathematics requires endless preparation. Try to solve as many questions as you can, including all the examples from each chapter. As per the previous year question papers, 20-30% questions are given from examples or NCERT Maths Exemplar Class 12.

Tip #3: Proper time management

Those who knew how to manage their time efficiently in the past were able to secure high marks in maths. Managing your time well is the key aspect and can be mastered by regularity. Check out the pointers given below:

  • Devote equal hours of study to each chapter.

  • Prepare a list of doubts in a notebook and work on them.

  • Stick to the study plan throughout the preparation even if it requires you to sacrifice attending your family functions or any important gatherings.

Tip #4: Attempt previous year question papers and sample papers

It is quite an obvious tip, but many students fail to find enough time to practise questions from sample papers and CBSE previous year question papers due to lack of time. Time management tips mentioned-above will leave them an ample amount of time to solve questions from various resources, including reference books.

Tip #5: Ask your teacher or parents to conduct a full-fledged exam

Our body tends to react well to situations that we have already experienced. You can ask your coaching teacher or your guardian to conduct a full-fledged mathematics exam of 70 marks. Ensure that you attempt the entire paper within 3 hours with accuracy. If you get to solve such exam in higher frequency, you will see a drastic change in your performance.

Tip #6: Score 30/30 marks in internal assessment

Internal assessment involves the conduct of formative assessments, inspection of the notebook, and class performance. Most importantly, you will have to score full marks in formative assessments to score 30/30 marks in internal assessment.

Tip #7: Check NCERT and reference book solutions from authentic websites

If you are stuck in any questions of the NCERT textbook or a reference book, it is recommended to check the class 12 Maths NCERT solutions from Gradeup only as it provides the easiest explanation to all the questions.

Apart from the preparation tips mentioned above, ensure that you follow a well-balanced diet and stay away from bad company.

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