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About ichamp

ichamp is an E-Educational innovative product that is very famous among the edtech companies of India. The legal name of this edtech startup is RNM E-Services Pvt Ltd. iChamp is the accomplishment of years of vigorous research and dedicated effort by a panel of educationists, who aspire to revolutionize the way learning of Mathematics is done in India. Its arsenal of salient features consists of Live Tests, Practice Tests, Leaderboards, Levels, Achievements, Certificates, Avatars, Tournaments, and Parent Study & Reward plans. iChamp provides study material for students of classes 1 to 8. ichamp also has social media presence on mediums like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and YouTube.

Founding story and the journey

This educational startup was established in the early 2010s by entrepreneur Mohit Bansal and Anil Kumar. A serial entrepreneur, Mohit Bansal is an IIM-Ahmedabad graduate who began his Entrepreneurial excursion in 2005 with Learninghour.com – India’s First Online Tutoring Portal. Post the obtaining Learning hour by Educomp Solutions (India’s Biggest Education Company around then) in a USD 2.5 Million arrangement, Mohit turned out to be essential for the Educomp Supplemental Division, initiating their tasks in Test Prep and other Supplemental Education items.

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Mohit was likewise instrumental in dispatching LEAP – A chain of Branded Tuition Centers in North India. In 2010, Mohit turned into a Director in Vidyamandir Classes (post-VMC secured by Educomp Solutions). He at that point initiated the development of Vidyamandir Classes, India’s chief IIT-JEE Test Preparation Company, from two focuses in Delhi to more than 30 the nation over. 

Mohit left Vidyamandir Classes in Feb 2014 and proceeded to turn into the COO at Adda52, India’s First Real Money Poker Website with over USD 15 Million in Revenues in FY17-18. Adda52 has as of late been acquired by Delta Corp. With iChamp, Mohit utilizes his school driven attitude with gaming experience to shape a stand-out in ‘Gamified Education Platform.Co-founder and Head of Technology of ichamp Anil too have a lot of involvement with the Gaming Industry, by assuming a vital part as Tech Lead with Adda52.com, India’s Largest Online Poker Company presently headed by Delta Corp. He presently shares these 15 years of involvement in our group of designers at iChamp, without any assistance initiating the mechanical finish of this business. With his M.Tech degree, Anil is attempting to surpass his cutoff points with his crowd of force apparatuses comprising Angular, Java, FLEX, and AS3 among numerous others to make his position in the space of programming and innovation, in which iChamp is an achievement.

The edtech company has Riju Gupta as their advisor and Angel Investor. Riju Gupta who is Mohit’s batchmate from IIM-A had started his education ventures of Learning Hour and Leap together. At VMC, he expanded the company into a first-of-its-kind VSAT learning centre for IIT-JEE test prep. He now brings his vision of education through innovative learning to iChamp as Angel Investor.

The significance of iChamp

This Gurugram based edtech company has many features and philosophies that make it one of the best in the edtech industry. To define the scope of ichamp in just one sentence, it would be a “Multiplayer Gamified Testing Platform”. Adding to this, the platform also contains a plethora of features that make it distinct in the field. Some of them are: 

  • Live Tests: Students can take Live Tests against other students across the country with these interactive online games in Math and English.
  • Practice Tests: Students can take standalone tests for practice on any topic(s). Between time-bound tests and regular tests including online Maths games and puzzles
  • Leaderboards: There are Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Leaderboards for each class to learn English online and practice Math.
  • Levels: Students have the feature of unlocking levels based on points earned, and with every unlocks and stage, there are surprises and rewards in terms of gold coins.
  • Achievements: A core component entailed in the gamification element in iChamp is that students get various badges and achievements as they work their way up to the different levels.
  • Certificates: Academic certificates are awarded to students based on their performance in the tests.
  • Tournaments: Live Tournaments with thousands of students competing against each other at one go. Prizes worth lacs to be won every week.
  • Study & Reward Plan(Parents): A study plan and timetable can be made and prepared by parents themselves.

Goals of ichamp

About education in India, the most common excuse among students after a test is “I knew the concept/formula, but forgot during the exam”? This phenomenon can be attributed to, in some ways, how students are made to perceive things. 

In India, it is a commonly acknowledged myth that “concepts are not taught properly in schools, hence, students have very poor conceptual clarity”. To tackle this shortcoming, educational technology needs to step before. Like the exposure to videos, animations, and multimedia tools that explain concepts and theories.

However, ‘clarity of concepts’ is often misinterpreted for ‘application of concepts’. A student might possess clarity about a concept, but the lack of consistent practices might lead to the poor application of concepts during a test.

Therefore, it is often witnessed that the students confirm they have finished studying the chapters but then end up performing poorly, during an exam. This scenario occurs primarily because of the lack of practice.

Hence, the main problem that needs to be addressed is the lack of practice which is another problem in itself. 75-80% of the student population are not interested in revising or studying, again and again, the same content. To do away with reiterating the same old boring topics, they end up reading the concept without practising it. The main reasons for them are questions being time-consuming, being bored naturally with nothing new. And these possess the biggest drawbacks of the present education and teaching sector.

Certain limitations in school methods are

  • The belief and traditional knowledge of students that they are incapable of understanding concepts, and they do not focus in classroom sessions.
  • An unscientific way of judging topic-specific weakness
  • Kids are prone to make silly mistakes.
  • Kids grow apprehensive of tests instead of perceiving them as a tool to help them gain a competitive edge against their peers.

The key areas that can be improved are:

  • Repeated practice of concepts by the child.
  • Make learning fun.
  • Make testing challenging, yet entertaining.
  • Improve the test-taking temperament of the child.

ichamp aims towards combating all this and promoting what can help a learner to excel. The pedagogy that ichamp entails include

  • Short duration Tests that are just 1 minute long.
  • By focusing only on the core concepts it’s easier for kids to deal with the pressure to study everything before they give a test as they become well-versed through constant revision.
  • Friendly Challenges.
  • Motivation through endorsements/leaderboards.
  • Benchmarking the student’s performance against those from kids his age, from all of India.
  • Reports that track the shortcomings and weak areas by studying a child’s performance in tests to help gouge the areas that need improvement, and make them his/her strength through constant tests and practice.

ichamp stands for “Practice makes perfect!”

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