In Bend Test Surface Pro 6 Beats New iPad Pro

In Bend Test Surface Pro 6 Beats New iPad Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro 6 and Apple iPad Guru 2018 are two of the best tablets on the marketplace at the time of composing for two distinct worlds. People that are trying to find a full-fledged functioning system which can natively run heavy apps such as Photoshop can look towards the Surface Guru 6. This is considering that the consumers are good with using Windows OS. On the flip side, people who have a number of Apple devices and want something that can seamlessly integrate into the ecosystem can assess the Apple iPad Guru 2018. But, irrespective of the differences concerning the software, an individual would still want to see both the tablets pit against each other. 

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The Surface Pro 6 lasted 12 minutes under the heat of a lighter flame, but the LCD panel quickly recovered back all of those pixels within moments of taking away the fire from the surface. 

In terms of the bend test, the Surface Pro 6 bends significantly on the first attempt and seems to have some “enormous bend”. It will, nevertheless, lockout and multiple efforts of applying pressure forth and back show a difference between the screen and the frame, “We receive a very twisted tablet computer, but without a catastrophic damage,” notes Zack. The Surface Pro 6 doesn’t have any structural defects in its weakest points, making it easier than the iPad Guru (2018) in terms of construction quality. In summary, the Microsoft Surface Guru 6 passes the bend test. The kickstand, according to the evaluation results, is a major factor in enhancing build quality. 

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Zack then proceeds to show us the internals of the Surface Pro 6 by opening the display panel. “Apple went for a slim, lightweight design and forfeited structure from the procedure, while Microsoft packed their pill with metal and guts,” he explained. 

But would you rather have a tablet computer which communicates a baby’s ass sitting or one that bends and pops like a bundle of breadsticks? 

The Apple iPad Guru 12.9 with only 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, running iOS 12, is $999. The Surface Pro runs full desktop programs such as Photoshop; the iPad Pro does not. 

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