“Innovation Week Ignites Creativity and Entrepreneurship at Amity University Mumbai”


Amity University Mumbai is buzzing with excitement as it kickstarts its much-anticipated Innovation Week, a week-long celebration running from September 25th to September 29th, 2023. This event is a dedication to the celebration of creativity, ingenuity, and the relentless quest for knowledge. It serves as a dynamic platform that not only showcases revolutionary ideas but also fosters a vibrant culture of innovation, setting ablaze the spirit of inspiration among students and faculty alike. What makes this week even more special is its alignment with the birthday of the esteemed Chancellor and President, Dr. Aseem Chauhan on 28th September.

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At the inauguration of Innovation Week, Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) A. W. Santhosh Kumar expressed Amity University Mumbai’s commitment to fostering innovation. He emphasized our encouragement for students to think beyond conventional boundaries, especially in this era of technological advancement. Throughout this week-long program, we celebrate the innovative ventures and ideas that will shape the future, providing solutions for sustainable growth in our society.

As part of this event, more than 25 programmes have been carefully organised to showcase the incredible talents of our students. Among the offerings are the Innovation Expo, the Craft Showcase, Claymation, and even creative challenges such as “Writing a Story with Pictures” These initiatives reflect the diverse and innovative ideas that our students are passionate about.

One of the proudest achievements of Amity University Mumbai is the success stories emerging from within its student community. An impressive 11 students have already embarked on their entrepreneurial journeys by launching their own start-ups. These real-world success stories not only inspire their peers but also serve as concrete proof of the impact of innovative thinking and the entrepreneurial spirit thriving within the university.

Innovation Week at Amity University Mumbai promises to be an exciting and enlightening journey, where creativity meets entrepreneurship, and innovation takes center stage. Stay tuned as students and faculty come together to honor the spirit of exploration and redefine the boundaries of knowledge, lighting the path towards a future brimming with ingenuity and innovation.

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