International Volunteer Day For Economic And Social Development


International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development (December 5), better known as International Volunteer Day (IVD), is an international celebration approved by the UN General Assembly in 1985. It provides an opportunity for organizations including volunteers and human volunteers to encourage volunteerism, encourage governments to support voluntary efforts and recognize volunteer contributions in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at local, national and international levels.

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International Volunteer Day is celebrated by many non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, and the private sector, among others. It is also marked and supported by the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) program.

IVD is an opportunity for individual volunteers, communities and organizations to promote their contributions to development at local, national and international levels. Combining United Nations support and mandate at the grassroots level, the day is a unique opportunity for individuals and organizations including volunteers to work with government agencies, non-profit organizations, civil society groups, academics, and the private sector.     

United Nations General Assembly Resolutions

The General Assembly called on Governments to observe the annual, December 5, International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development (resolution 40/212 dated 17 December 1985) and urged them to take steps to raise awareness of the important role of volunteerism, thus mobilizing more people in it. all sectors of life to offer their services as volunteers, at home and abroad.

The National Council of the United Nations, in its decision of 52/17 of 20 November 1997, declared 2001 the International Year of Volunteers (IYV). The year was conceived to further the recognition of volunteers, to facilitate their work, to create a network of communication and to promote the benefits of volunteer service.

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In 2001, the International Year of Volunteers, the General Assembly adopted a set of recommendations on how the Government and the United Nations program could support volunteers and requested that they be given a wider distribution (resolution 56/38 of 5 December 2001).

The United Nations General Assembly, in its decision 57/106 of November 22, 2002, called on the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) to ensure that the power of International Volunteer Day is fully realized.

On 18 December 2008, the National Council decided that 5 December 2011 or sixteen meetings of the National Assembly should be held following the International Year of Volunteers and commemorating the tenth anniversary (resolution 63/153).ocus On Partnerships And DevelopmentOver the years, IVD has been used strategically: Many countries have focused on volunteer contributions to achieve sustainable development goals, and set a timeline for tackling poverty, hunger, disease, health, environmental degradation and gender equality.

The IVD celebrates active volunteers and attracts new volunteers in North and South Africa, with a special focus on promoting South-South cooperation.

Organizing IVD events is often the result of partnerships between the UN program, governments, organizations including volunteers and committed people. Representatives of the media or academics, foundations, the private sector, religious groups, and sports and recreation organizations are often involved as well.

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