IoA, UK in association with ISDC launches IoA Analyst Competency Framework in Hyderabad


Hyderabad, 18th August 2022: The Institute of Analytics (IoA), UK, in association with the International Skill Development Corporation (ISDC), today launched the IoA Analyst Competency framework at a roundtable organized in Hyderabad. This is part of the Indian regional launch of the IoA Analyst Competency Framework. ISDC (International Skill Development Corporation) is a leading global provider for British education and skills, and also   has   a   very   active   presence    in   India   by   working in partnership with an excess of 200 universities and higher education providers in India.

During the launch event, a roundtable discussion was held on developing future skills. Osmania University, Amity University, NMIMS Hyderabad, and GITAM University were among the prominent universities that attended the event. A panel of experts discussed the salient features and prospects of the analytical competency framework. The framework will be launched in Bengaluru and Mumbai region on the 20th and 24th of August 2022, respectively.

IoA is a professional body for analytics and data science professionals worldwide, with over 4500 members. The IoA develops and delivers analytical skills across a wide range of disciplines in collaboration with many Indian universities and institutes. On June 22nd, 2022, IoA launched the new Analyst Competency Framework at parliament in the UK.

Using this framework, organizations can upskill existing staff to become more data literate, as well as offer structured guidance to graduate trainees. Organizations can take advantage of data analytics opportunities through the framework, which offers over 7 year of professional preparation in various key skill areas.

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Emphasizing the importance of analytics in the future, Mr. Tom Joseph; Executive Director, Strategy & Development at ISDC, said, “Analytics will be highly essential for skill development in the future. It is necessary for the effective use of data. We are thrilled to be working with IoA on the India regional launch of the IoA analyst competency framework. Our goals with this framework are to enable professionals to become data leaders of tomorrow. We are eager to work with more Indian universities and organizations to upskill them with data science and analytics as part of their career advancement plans. After successful launch in Hyderabad, we are looking forward to the framework launch in Bengaluru and Mumbai region.

About ISDC:

ISDC (International Skill Development Corporation) is a leading International Provider for British Education and Skills with an active presence in India, working in partnership an excess of 200 Universities and Higher Education Providers by Developing and Upgrading the Academic Degrees for Future to Seek External Accreditations / Memberships / Qualifications along with the University Degrees. ISDC is working with UK Skills Federation, Scottish Qualification Authority, large number of universities and an excess of 25 Professional Bodies in UK for their Market Expansion, Transnational Education and Growth.

About The Institute of Analytics (IoA)

The Institute of Analytics (IoA) is the Professional Body for Analytics and Data Science professionals in the UK and International with more than 4500 members worldwide. IoA is a not-for-profit organization that exists to promote greater awareness, understanding and innovation in Data Science & Analytics. IoA is fully supported in its mission by leading organizations in the sector. The Institute of Analytics provides members with the opportunity to network with other professionals in the industry, to learn about career development opportunities, to share knowledge and expertise, to access Continuous Professional Development programmes and to carry the official designation of membership.

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