Janki Devi Memorial College (JDMC) Introduces Emotional Counseling at their College Campus


New Delhi, June 13, 2018: With the increasing level of stress and other psychological problems amongst college students, Janki Devi Memorial college, one of the prominent women colleges of Delhi University, is giving mental health its due importance. For the first time they have introduced emotional counseling at the college campus. As a pioneering initiative, JDMC organized a 2 hour long interactive session on Exam Stress with participation of 60-70 college students. JDMC is one of the very few colleges in the campus which has taken up emotional counseling in a big way as part of the overall and holistic development of the students.

In collaboration with zyego (an emotional wellness app)

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During the session, one of the things the students had to do was fill out a questionnaire about the reasons behind their stress. This was done to understand the level of examination stress and anxiety felt by college students under Arts, Science and Commerce stream of education. At the end of the ‘survey’ what was most prominent was the reason behind this stress. Some of these were:

  • lack of preparation

  • lack of time

  • low level of confidence

  • peer pressure

  • pressure from parents/social pressure

  • lack of clarity of what to do in future

Dr. Swati Pal, The Principal of JDMC said, “We are introducing emotional counseling as it has been proven that women are more prone to emotional issues. Failure to recognize and address the risk factors could eventually lead to major psychological challenges in youth which can be very disturbing. So educational institutions like us should play a positive role by intervening and providing them a conducive environment in college premises.”

She further added that They, as an institution, have taken up different issues each time and goes into them in great detail to help students understand the nuances and intricacies of the underlying issues. The entire effort is managed by the mentoring and counseling committee of the college.

In the words of one of the participant, Neha, “It was a very useful session as they could give us the exact reasons why we were feeling stressed and then gave us tips to handle individual areas”

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About Zyego

ALS Wellness Network Pvt. Ltd (company) has effortlessly synced the power of human touch with technology to lend an ear and compassion for those suffering from emotional and mental health issues. This is a unique company of its type in the area of mental healthcare services, which combines domain expertise with technology to provide quality services to help across the country. A consortium of domain experts and psychologists, the company has launched an app Zyego which helps people access their services anonymously at just the click of a button.

This platform is the only one in India, which provides workshops, individual app based counseling and psychometric testing and assessments under one roof. The app Zyego works in the same way as WhatsApp. Users can call or chat with our psychologists anonymously from anywhere in India on a real time basis. User can download the app from the Google Playstore or Apple App Store.

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