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  New Delhi, August 28, 2018: Career consciousness among students certainly reached a new level nowadays. Lady Shri Ram College With the internet revolution, the students are better informed in almost every walk of life including their career. However, with more information comes more options. Perspectico – an ed-tech platform assists students in taking better and informed career decisions. In pursuit to give practical knowledge of the different career decisions in career and interviews, Lady Shri Ram College and Perspectico organized a workshop on career and job interviews with special focus in consulting and finance.

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The session started off with Mr. Nikhil Chainani, founder and CEO, bringing to light the different kinds of interviews taken at the undergraduate level and went in to highlight what recruiters look for in the candidates. He specifically discussed Consulting and Finance as career choices and cracked wide open the various related case study frameworks and topics, whose knowledge is essential for a consulting/finance interview.

According to Nikhil, “Interviews can be tricky and the focus should be given to the knowledge required for the particular field a student chooses also keeping in mind in their personality

development and in their decisions which plays a very important role in shaping their future”.

The floor was then opened to doubts and questions where Mr. Chainani encountered and clarified all the queries of the students, ranging from the presentation of one’s resume to campus-placement fundamentals.

According to Vidushi Chhabra, who is pursuing her B.A. (English) said, “The session was an enriching and insightful peep into the corporate world that awaits the us, helping them understand just how to tread it perfectly”.

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Nitya Pahuja, who is pursuing his B.A. (Economics) has to say, “Shortlisting the case studies and topics for an interview is an important decision. This session certainly helped us in acquiring the knowledge required for the decision making part”.

About Perspectico

Perspectico is a platform that assists youngsters in making better and more informed career decisions and helps them become job ready. Incorporated in October 2017, the company is the brainchild of its CEO and founder, Nikhil Chainani, who is the organizational backbone and single-handedly steers the ship for the company’s functionality and strategy. Perspectico invites industry experts from companies such as Nomura, HSBC, Kotak, GenNext Ventures, Deloitte, Xander Private Equity, and Unitus Capital to conduct sessions with students.Since August 2017, the company has conducted over 10 offline sessions with a footfall of over 50 students in each session.

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