Lexicon MILE students visit the Pune Metro Rail Limited as a part of their Industrial Visit


Pune, December 6th, 2022: The students of Lexicon MILE, along with their faculty members, recently visited Pune Metro Rail Limited as a part of their industrial visit. Industrial visits are an integral part of the curriculum at Lexicon MILE, as they believe experiential education plays a crucial role in the overall growth and development of the students. Lexicon MILE offers enriching learning experiences through Industrial Visits to ensure their students are introduced to the practical aspects of the work culture and operations of a company, helping them transform into Day Zero Professionals. 

A team of 307 students and faculty members visited Pune Metro Rail Limited. Students undertook a to-and-fro ride from Garware Metro station to Vanaz Metro Station. The students were introduced to the various unique features of metro trains and explored the Metro Railway Stations, Key Operations Area, Control Rooms, Workshops, Maintenance Depots, etc. “At Lexicon MILE, we ensure that students get ample opportunities to help them thrive in the challenging corporate world. We prioritize experiential learning which allows our students to gain a deeper understanding of the concepts they learn in class and witness relevant applications in real life. It encourages them to interact with seasoned professionals and acquire valuable insights which contribute to their evolution into Future-Ready Day Zero Professionals” says, Mr. Nasir Shaikh, Group CEO, The Lexicon Group of Institutes, MultiFit and EduCrack. 

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During their visit, the students learned about the operations and cutting-edge technology employed in the metro rail. They were informed about the heavy investment in infrastructure and rolling stock, which necessitates optimization of its capacity to provide the best services to the public. These requirements of the metro are achieved by adopting ATP (Automatic Train Protection) and ATS (Automatic Train Supervision) signaling systems. The metro officials also shared plans of implementing Automatic Train Operation (ATO) in the future with our students. The students had interesting queries about the Automatic Fare Collection, which were addressed by the officials enthusiastically. This incredible learning opportunity exposed the budding professionals to the importance of various lean but effective organizational structures and the implementation of suitable modifications to adapt to the changes occurring in the external environment. The students were also briefed on the various technical aspects such as the Trip Distribution Model, Gravity Trip Distribution Model, Trip Length Frequency Distributions, Telecommunication System, and Transmission Media. 

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“The prime objective of the visit was to acquaint students with the working of Metro Rail and to create awareness about the modern transit system. The students had a great time learning about the upcoming modern mobility infrastructure in Pune. We take this opportunity to thank the Pune Metro for assisting our students and allowing them to learn through this valuable experience”, says Dr. Jitender Kumar Sharma, Director, Lexicon MILE.

The Pune Metro aims to provide world-class urban mobility infrastructure for Pune, and this visit gave the students a clear idea about the functioning, working, and maintenance of Metro Rails. Lexicon MILE looks forward to organizing many more opportunities for the students to prepare them for their future success. 

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