Little Angels High Schools, Gwalior


Little Angels High Schools is located in Gwalior, India’s historic and attractive fortified city, which is famed for its opulent palaces, curving mountains, and tall, winding citadel. LAHS is a Gwalior-based, co-ed, English-medium, ISO-certified academic institution affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education, main office New Delhi. Amid thick greenery, the school gives an important environment and surroundings for the students to study and get knowledgeable, as LAHS is over 5 kilometres from downtown Gwalior. The space is so peaceful and serene that it adds weight to the quality of education offered by the school itself. 

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The core foundation of the school premises thus addresses the following questions through their daily conduct, instruction and more importantly the curriculum the school follows. 

  1. Have someone ever paused to contemplate a basic but pressing subject of the day? 
  2. Even though the number of schools and colleges is increasing, and new scopes of knowledge are emerging and being studied, why is mankind beset by numerous issues and numerous problems with such rampant negativity and some soul stricken diseases?

The answer can be found in the spiritual writings of all religions if we go deeper into the basis of the problem. Even while all religions have different external forms, they all teach the same spiritual ideals, which can be summarised in one moral guideline, sometimes known as the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” 

Little Angels High School has this as a unique feature that holds a unique and significant position in the education sector. 

The school is not only responsible for just science and arts or commerce based education but rather it allows the individuals to be physically, mentally and academically occupied with a variety of extracurricular and co-curricular activities which also lead them to productivity; for also the spiritual needs and importance in the body of a person especially in the Indian context by moulding and framing them with wires and threads or morality, righteousness to become upright citizens of tomorrow so that they can advance the human race in the society which is the main purpose for the Creator to send us all.

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The houses of the School are based and founded on leading scientists of the world:


Tina Oylai is the current Director of the school and Dr Shabana Reham is the Principal. These two ladies are the core members of the current leading committee of the school.

The vision of Little Angels High Schools

Little Angels High Schools is a dependable framework with a mission to provide a safe, secure, and lively learning environment for all children by providing a variety of possibilities that are structured to develop excellence, confidence, and self-esteem. Moral principles, leadership abilities, a feeling of social service, and a desire to succeed are all things the school strives for. Educating, Empowering, and Excelling are the three pillars of the mission.

The mission of Little Angels High Schools

The objective is to create a vibrant platform for high-quality education that is responsive to changing requirements and where students develop a scientific mindset and acquire the highest ideals. The school missions and works to allow the students to strive with exposure and for young learners to get a diverse range of cross-cultural learning opportunities and tools required to succeed. 

The school authorities and founding principles of the institution believe that the man is full of priceless diamonds, but only education can force it to unveil its wealth, allowing mankind to benefit from it.” 

LAHS Gwalior is a new age, special building with special security and safety features, with new-age technologies incorporated and utilised at every room of the corner and better architectural designs. A vision to provide a safe, secure, and lively learning environment, with a variety of options tailored to foster excellence, confidence, and self-esteem in all students is thus achieved through these attributes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The school wishes to instil moral values, leadership qualities, personality traits, a sense of social service and a desire to excel in all concerned matters, so nowhere at no time there will be a situation, with low self-esteem and the feeling of being lost in this fast-moving world. . The 3E’s for all its practises are Educating, Empowering and Excelling in everything that potential student wishes to achieve. 

The school is driven by the motto ‘Love and Unity’ for all and everyone, based on which the school has recorded several milestones in 31 years of its journey. Now the school is incorporated in the Top 20 schools of India, it is the most sought after school because of its strong values-based holistic development and complete transformation to be a maverick in every field he/she is. For the same vision, aim and mission, the school participates in several state, national and international events and competitions to make the students ready for global and liberated times.

The school makes the attendees life-long learners in the journey called LIFE!! 

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