Live Interactive Classes: Convenient and Result-Oriented Way to Prep for IIT JEE


With the increasing competition for IIT entrance examination, students are struggling to thrive. The traditional methods of education are helpful but lack certain factors that students need to survive in this cut-throat competition. Which is why more and more students are opting for e-learning programs to prepare for IIT JEE. The vast availability of IIT JEE online courses is catching the eye of students aiming to crack the engineering entrance exam. E-Learning platforms like Aakash Live and others are helping students to get quality education without the boundaries of traditional classrooms.

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Students preparing for IIT entrance examinations must make every second of their time count. The Live interactive classes help them in maintaining an easy schedule and provide them with better education in their comfort zone. Below stated are five reasons why online courses are more convenient and serve a better purpose for IIT preparation.

1. Saves Commute Time

Every minute counts when one is preparing for a tough nut like IIT JEE. Commuting to the coaching center and getting back home takes a lot of time and effort and drains all the energy out of the student. With the addition of climatic and traffic factors, there is a lot of time wasted by the student in travelling here and there. Whereas in live interactive classes this time wastage is eliminated. Students can receive the best education from foremost faculty members at their home. This reduces the physical and mental stress on students as they are no more traveling to attend lectures.

2. Complete Syllabus Coverage

Sometimes to complete the syllabus in time, coaching institutes skip a thing or two from subjects that they deem are not so important. However, for proper preparation of IIT entrance exam, a student must cover the complete syllabus. In Live interactive classes, entire syllabus with a detailed description is available for students. From the basics to the complexities every topic is covered in detail online so that the students do not miss even a single concept. Further, when they miss any online class, they can replay a lecture repeatedly to grasp complex concepts for better understanding.

3. Lower Costs

For students who cannot afford to relocate to metro cities for better education, online classes are a better and an affordable option. They do not need to spend on overhead expenses like rental accommodations and commuting from one place to other. Students can also access top-notch study material in the same manner as that in traditional coaching. Be it a test series or notes; everything is available online in a much comprehensive manner.

4. Comfortable Learning Environment

Studying in pyjamas is only one of the countless benefits of live classes. They can choose to study at any location according to their preference. The exhaustion of physically attending classes and taking notes is eliminated when a student opts for online JEE coaching. Students also do not have to worry about missing any lectures as they are readily available in recorded format. They can easily go back and watch any lecture to make the most of this benefit offered by eLearning courses. Be it at midnight or early morning; students can choose their preferred time to study.

5. Self-Paced Learning

With recorded video lectures, students can make progress in their studies with a rhythm that is suitable for them. As everyone has a different grasping capacity, one can set their own pace for learning. They can also repeat classes on the subjects that they are weak at and skim fast through the topics that are their stronghold. Furthermore, students can also enrol in various test series and get a detailed description of their performance. The performance description helps students to excel in their weak areas while honing their strong points.

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6. Parent Teacher Interaction

Both parents and teachers play important roles in the success story of a student. With digitisation, the gap between these two pillars of a student’s life has reduced. The Internet allows teachers to provide information of student’s performance to their parents. As parents are clued-up about their child’s performance, they can keep a track and handle any problem the student faces in a better manner. They can also provide guidance on how to improve scores and handle stress easily.

The importance of online courses in IIT entrance exam preparation is high. Being affordable, these classes offer better education methods than the traditional classes. Students preparing to ace the IIT entrance exam should start utilising these abundant resources available online to their benefit.

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