Manipal Hospitals organizes a walkathon to raise awareness about heart health


28th September 2022: With an aim to raise awareness about the growing incidences of cardiovascular ailments in the country and the importance of a healthy heart, Manipal Hospitals, Palam Vihar organized a 4-kilometer walkathon in Gurugram.

The walkathon was flagged off by Dr. (Col.) Monik Mehta, Chief of Cardiac Science, Manipal Hospitals, Gurugram, in the gracious presence of Dr. Pankaj Mittal, Hospital Director, Manipal Hospitals, Gurugram. Local residents, doctors, and hospital staff took part in the walkathon. The participants were provided with T-shirts and refreshments.

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The walkathon was followed by a session by Dr. (Col.) Monik Mehta, where he spoke about the importance of heart health for all age groups. He said, “The younger generation these days are now experiencing more heart disease than ever before. Heart attacks are no longer thought to be an issue just for the elderly. However, premature heart problems have become more common in middle-aged people because of the increased prevalence of bad lifestyle behaviours like smoking, drunkenness, unhealthy diets, and sedentary lifestyles. Even though inherited conditions cannot be controlled completely, making simple lifestyle changes can make a huge difference. “

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