Manipal University Jaipur Fees, Hostel, Courses, Admission, Placement


Manipal University Jaipur Fees, Hostel, Courses, Admission, Placement

The Manipal Education Group, with its heritage of excellence in higher education of 65 years, launched Manipal University Jaipur (MUJ) in 2011 on an invitation from the Government of Rajasthan, as a self-financed State University and is redefining academic excellence in the region. University provides excellent ambience to enhance the teaching-learning experience and to promote creativity and innovation.

Manipal University Jaipur is a new young generation university with emphasis on excellence in education and research, and is supported by national and international academic partnerships with reputed higher education institutions. The competencies of the students are honed by inculcating lifelong learning skills through professional education.

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The University is spread over an area of 122 acres with state of the art infrastructural facilities meeting the specifications of Green Buildings certification.

MUJ, being a multi-disciplinary University, offers programs at all levels, i.e., Under-Graduate, Post-Graduate and Doctoral, across diverse streams, including Engineering, Architecture, Planning, Fashion & Jewellery Design, Fine Arts, Hospitality, Humanities, Journalism and Mass Communication, Basic Sciences, Law, Commerce, Computer Applications, and Management. More than 7500 students from diverse backgrounds have already been enrolled across all programs.

The University has created an attractive infrastructure and an academic environment conducive for imparting higher education in various Schools under the Faculties of Engineering, Design, Management & Commerce, Science and Arts & Law.

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In highlights, they have 8 hostel with 2310 rooms for boys and 3 hostel with 628 for girls on campus. They have 41 food and beverages outlets. Their library is spread over carpet area of 1838 sq. meter with 16,177 titles and 49,175 volumes in it. There are total 3 medical practitioners for safety and emergency medical care in Campus with One ambulance. Nearest hospital with multi-specialty is 22KM away from campus.

They held several workshops like FOSS (Free Open Source Software Tool), Stress Free Effective Working for MUJ Non-Teaching Staffs. They also organizes different conferences like ISCBC Internation Conference, Frontier Research in Chemistry and Biology Interface, Intelligent Communication and Computational Techniques and other and different short term courses and inspiration series. MUJ not just focuses on knowledge skills they are building a complete package of a being that our society need right now.

Engineering as a subject has immense value in today’s world. The adoption of engineering practices are manifest in all spheres of life. It is a field of study in which scientific knowledge and mathematics are applied to experiment and practice with intuition to develop ways to economically use, the resources for the benefit of mankind.

Education in the field of engineering is a sphere which is ascending with each day with the growth in technology, rise in innovators and increase in the availability of content. As part of the evolution, numerous aspects of meaningful learning in engineering have been implemented, which have proved beneficial to the students.

Teachers and students should be encouraged to learn and use technology in classrooms and outside for effective implementation of the technological know-how in daily life. Engineering education is at a critical juncture in terms of its preparedness to impart right type of skills and knowledge. Methodology for imparting practical learning in Engineering at UG and PG level has to be evolved. Basic and advanced training programmes to Engineering students optimize engineering students learning related to research in contemporary and futuristic technologies by way of continual improvement and consistent innovation in material and intellectual infrastructure.

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