Mobile games to make your quarantine more fun

Mobile games to make your quarantine more fun
Mobile games to make your quarantine more fun

Mobile Games to make your Quarantine more Fun

Today in this blog, I am going to list mobile games to make your quarantine more fun. We’re living in a strange moment in history. In the face of COVID-19, many of us are withdrawing into our homes. Some of us suddenly have a surplus of time. 

The #PlayApartTogether campaign has recently been promoted by the World Health Organization (WHO) to encourage people to stay socially connected from home. Despite having recently classified uncontrollable gaming as a disorder, the WHO could be starting to see the benefits of online gaming.

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The following suggestions are for excellent mobile games to make your quarantine more fun, meant for those who don’t play a lot. Some of them are artful and literary.

Dash Adventures

The latest in the Diner Dash franchise is fast-paced, funny, and cute. The player is a waitress managing customer, which is more fun than you might think. A good game for those of you looking to feel productive in this unproductive moment.

 Mario Kart Tour (iOS/Android) is probably the one with the lowest barrier for entry, at least when it comes to playing with friends. It’s dead easy to learn, and if its sales on the consoles are any indication, it’s something a lot of people will already be familiar with.

Donut County

A weird and hilarious game where you play as a hole in the ground, sucking up everything around you; an apt metaphor for the current zeitgeist. Swallowing up the world into giant holes is the best possible way to spend a few weeks, and the game is still fun on replay.

Broken Age

A deep adventure game where you rotate playing between two protagonists in an absurdist, hilarious, fantasy world. The game is about 10 hours of combined playtime and is funny, sweet, and has a satisfying narrative conclusion.

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Hopefully one of these games will help get you and your friends through this time of lockdown, quarantine, and distancing. Good luck!

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