Most Demanding Career Options for Engineers


Engineers and other technical professional are not the only coolest jobs in India. But, many other professions have maintained the distinction over the past few decades. Careers like airline pilots, surgeons, investment bankers, civil service and defence. It is said that working as an engineer in fields like computer science and many other streams is not a new rave.

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On the counterpart, the profession of a software engineer considered as one of the best jobs in India. They get paid higher and has demand for talented and intellectually candidate, but the working condition has never been better. Petroleum engineering is another field where you can see tremendous career opportunities. The demand is high because of the requirement of world’s energy needs and oil and gas exploration, which only a skilled engineer can deliver.

Further, there are many streams an engineer can choose from his interest. The career option for engineers includes Aerospace Engineering, Agricultural & Bio-systems, Bioengineering & Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Industrial, Manufacturing, Materials Science, Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering. Well, here are few tips for engineers who are looking for the best career option.

Go for Higher Education

Specialization in engineering is an asset to the quality. If engineering is your passion, then pursue higher education in the subject of your choice. With the focused knowledge into the specific subject, you can enhance the career opportunity in the field of engineering. On the national level, to study M.Tech need to qualify GATE examination, based on your score you can apply in top institutions like IIT, NIT, top universities, and colleges.

Management Studies

Every graduate wants to hit the IIM. If you are interested towards a managerial position in the corporate world, then MBA is for you rather than a core engineering profile. The criterion for admission in top B-schools is to clear entrance exam CAT and GMAT. CAT score is considered only in India, while the GMAT makes you eligible to get admission in top B-schools globally. You can look for many branches in MBA like Management, International Relation, Consultancy, Banking, and Finance.

Entrepreneurship-Start your venture

Being a boss sounds exciting as well as challenging. Surviving being a young entrepreneur with minimal work experience will be a tough competition. However, if you believe in yourself and have entrepreneurial skills, then establishing your venture will be the best option.

Civil Service Exams

Many engineers are now working as the highest ranking officers in the Indian Government. If you want to be one of them, and aim to join the public administrative services like IAS, IPS, and other Indian services as a career. Then, you need to prepare from the basics and follow a proper strategy to clear civil service exam in a first attempt. Learn all the basics from NCERT books and prepare with NCERT solution from class 9 to class 12.

The NCERT books are the best source to prepare for UPSC exam. Many questions are being asked from NCERT books in the previous examinations. You can find most of the books in stores, or you can download the NCERT Solutions freely from Byju’s.

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