NetApp and Ammada Trust to Provide Clean Water Solutions for Schools


BENGALURU, India. — August 09, 2023: NetApp® (NASDAQ: NTAP), a global, cloud-led, data-centric software company, today announced its partnership with Ammada Trust, an NGO that works to address the needs of those living in extreme squalor, poverty, hunger, and deprivation. The partnership will support the noble cause of providing clean water solutions for 15 government schools in Bengaluru. 

NetApp’s collaboration with Ammada Trust will establish sustainable water solutions in, low-income schools, where the need for clean water is most critical. “Access to clean drinking water is one of the most basic requirements for human beings but still not available to many. It is said that the lack of clean water is one of the challenges that will become more pronounced with time and needs to be dealt with on an urgent basis. Through the partnership with Ammada, we are looking to positively impact the health of not only students and staff but also their families,” said Puneet Gupta, Vice President & Managing Director, NetApp India/SAARC. “Going beyond the installation, we have also implemented a continued engagement plan to ensure proper functioning and timely maintenance of the water purifiers.”

The engagement plan includes frequent visits to schools and hostels, conducting system inspections, providing training in record keeping, offering recommendations for preventive and corrective measures, and taking care of repair and maintenance tasks. 

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Earlier in a similar effort, NetApp aided 10 tribal girls’ schools in Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, impacting 800 girl students in the district. Through their works in Vidisha and now in Bengaluru, it is estimated that the safe drinking water initiative will directly benefit well over 6000 people including students and staff. It will also lead to improved future outcomes for an additional 15,000 members of students’ families. 

UNICEF emphasises that providing clean water at schools is one of the most effective practices to enhance access to education and improve learning outcomes. Community awareness on the link between poor water quality and health issues is another key aspect of this association, promoting the health benefits and cost savings of clean drinking water.


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