New Future Jobs of 2022 Arriving, Old Jobs of 2018 to Extinct

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If you preparing yourself for jobs in near future be aware that these are some jobs those might extinct by 2022. As in the report presented by the WEF World Economic Forum on the jobs of 2018 said that there are about 70 million jobs those will be extinct by 2022. Here we will list those jobs and also those which are about to come into future.

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All these jobs are listed in top 10 declining roles –

  • Data entry clerks

  • Accounting, book keeping and payroll clerks

  • Administrative and executive secretaries

  • Assembly and factory workers

  • Client information and customer service workers

  • Business services and administration managers

  • Accountants and auditors

  • Material-recording and stock-keeping clerks

  • General and operations managers

  • Postal service clerks

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Thanks to technological advancement, these roles will be obsolete and newer roles will be generated. According to WEF, 133 million jobs will be created by 2022. The emerging job roles that can be the most relevant in future are:

New Future Jobs of 2022

  • Data analyst and scientists

  • AI and Machine Learning Specialist

  • General and operation managers

  • Software and applications developers and analysts

  • Sales and marketing professionals

  • Big Data Specialist

  • Digital Transformational Specialist

  • New Technology Specialist

  • Organizational Development Executive

  • IT Services

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