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IT courses

The bandwagon that is the IT sector is running in full speed in the digitised world of today. With more and more people jumping into it for better career options, there are more specialised and interesting courses coming up in the education space to cater to the growing market. Courses that were initially considered on-the-job training have now earned specialised spots in IT curriculums so they are accessible to students and it helps them be more job-ready. Here are a few curriculums that are the most popular in the industry currently:


The digitised world we live in comes with a big hassle of security. Hackers spring up from every corner of the world, each one smarter than the one before. The more firewalls are built they more the plague of hackers evolve and adapt. In such a scenario, it is extremely vital for organisations to pay attention to cyber-security and be two steps ahead of these hackers. The course has become extremely popular and teaches you to think like a hacker and find ways to prevent and counter-attack hackers who might be trying to get into your system or network.

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Cloud Computing

The amount of data today has increased exponentially. While once bytes were the norm, now terabytes are the typical figures. The storage of this data has become harder and harder to maintain on physical devices and thus, cloud computing has taken centre-stage. Cloud computing has become the most important part of an organisation’s backbone and thus, a vital and popular course in the IT industry. With numerous career options like Cloud Computing Solutions Architect, Cloud Management Sales Specialist, Cloud Corporate Sales Representative and Cloud Solutions Executive among others, the course is one of the most preferred in the industry today.

Digital Marketing

Every brand or organization has a digital presence. They are a separate entity both in the real and the online world. Digital marketing is emerging as the most preferred way for brands to reach out to their potential customers and spread awareness about their latest ventures. Career options in digital marketing are blooming in the form of specialised posts for social media marketers, SEO and SEM professionals and content marketers. It is perhaps the most popular IT courses in the industry currently for business and commerce students and often considered as an essential part in education now.

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality & Mixed Reality

First we saw the surge of VR, AR & MR in the gaming industry. It revolutionised the way the industry functions and the medium of their enterprises and products. However, off late, the potential of these have evolved outside of just that industry. VR, AR & MR have found purpose in a myriad of industries in the form of new ventures of experiential marketing, evolved pedagogies in educational institutions, etc. Experts believe that we have only scratched the surface of the true potential of them and so, it has become a preferable choice for many students to explore something different that allows them to think out of the box and make something innovative in whatever industry they are working in.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI is the new buzzword in the industry today. It is applied in a multitude of ways in various organisations to increase efficiency and provide a better and smoother functioning of the service it is applied to. With internet becoming a necessity, and the excessive data that exists now, AI & ML are ways to understand and make sense of the data without having human contact at all times. It is an upcoming trend to try and implement AI in any organisation. They are becoming an extremely important part of the IT sector and thus, is an extremely popular choice among students from everywhere from any field.

The list of popular upcoming IT courses is extremely long. Few other courses like Hybrid Cloud Migration / Edge Computing, RPA – Robotic Process & Automation, IoT, Drones & Data Analytics and Data Science have also become popular. The evolution of IT is going to be the future of the economy and for any individual looking for a job or looking to create a difference in the industry today, it is important to attain certain IT skills. The IT sector is one of the most-sought after industry in terms of employment especially with more and more specialised positions emerging in the job market. It is imperative that the education system evolves with it and provides for more such innovative IT courses in the industry.

Authored By Siddarth Bharwani, VP – Brand & Marketing, Jetking

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