Niryas – A Leading Pioneer in The Dairy Industry


The White Revolution in India changed the dynamics of dairy production in the country, making milk and milk products easily available to everyone. However, that is not the end of the story, as pioneering dairy companies such as Niryas are already on the next phase of the evolutionary cycle. Aiming for holistic development, Niryas has gone beyond the ordinary to create a robust, thriving and sustainable ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders including dairy farmers and consumers. The company’s policies and programs also benefit the dairy animals, as their immediate environment is spruced up and they get access to hygienic, nutritious food and improved veterinary care.

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In a typical setup, there are middlemen who source milk from dairy farmers and resupply the same to dairy processing companies. However, such a setup has several problems such as the potentially sub-standard quality of milk as well as the unavailability of proper benefits to dairy farmers. Realizing this gap, the top leadership at Niryas decided to create a new, evolved ecosystem that would enable procurement of 100% pure milk, directly from farmers. This also reduces the cost, as the middlemen are no longer in the picture. For the consumers, this ensures that they get the best quality of milk and milk products at reasonable rates.

Not everything was done in an instant. Niryas spent a considerable amount of time to assess all the big and small problems faced by farmers as well as list out the expectations of consumers. After much deliberation, the structure of a new ecosystem was conceptualized, which would act as a bridge between dairy farmers’ and end consumers’ expectations.

The new system has been implemented with great success. As of now, Niryas provides a wide range of services to farmers such as supply of superior quality cattle feed on credit, high-end veterinary care services by qualified veterinarians, loyalty schemes to promote supply of 100% pure milk, and extensive training to farmers for improved cattle health and increased milk production. With so many benefits, thousands of dairy farmers are now part of the prosperous ecosystem created by Niryas. From the consumers’ perspective, they too derive significant gains that come with the assurance of 100% pure milk and milk products, regular supply, easy availability, and competitive pricing.

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Niryas continues to innovate and set new trends and benchmarks, as it takes on new challenges and progresses on its journey to enhance its products, services and its relations with dairy farmers, consumers and other stakeholders. It’s an interesting idea that continues to get better and better.

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